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Washington news April 8

By Charlotte Henderson | Apr 08, 2021

Red-face, dunce cap in place

Last week I erroneously reported the outcome of the select board vote and am sincerely sorry for my mistake. The municipal vote for the select board seat was Mitchell Garnett, 60 votes and Berkley Linscott, 42.

I deeply regret having given readers the wrong tally. In particular, I take pride in being a fact-checker and source of reliable information, so I’m humbled as well as sorry. As I write this, Mitch Garnett, our newly elected third Selectman, is in the town office getting acquainted with his job.

Apologies all around, people. Congratulations and welcome aboard, Mitch!

Thank you to Berkley

Many thanks to Berkley Linscott, who just completed two terms (six years) on the Washington Select Board.

Besides the official duties of selectman, Berkley posted the Selectmen’s Meeting Summaries around town each week, along with whatever other notices. He was always there to put up ballot booths and other chores and was the no nonsense first responder for getting hornets out of the library drop box.

Berkley was (and still is, I hope) a 'go-to' person for inquiries about any of the cemeteries. He always brought his pleasant manner to the town office and never failed to have a pocket full of treats for Ladybug.

Thank you so much for your service to the town, Berkley.

COVID-19 funds well spent

Part and parcel of the coronavirus pandemic has been almost unimaginable sums of money spent for, well, everything.

The Town of Washington received a grant of $5,000 to help with expenses of making the town office and election sites COVID-19 ready. In our little town, those funds helped cover personal protective equipment (PPEs) like masks, hand sanitizer and special cleaning products.

Besides those – by the ton, it seems – the town office crew bought a laptop to track all COVID-19 data, installed plexiglass shields for the town office counter and for voting day set-ups, purchased a no-contact thermometer, put up extra signage and took care of other incidentals.

In addition, the grant covered a significant fee for professionally cleaning Prescott School gym/auditorium, the only viable locale for convening the Town Meeting. Our town office team made good use of the government money.

Thanks for a great job and for keeping your cool on COVID-19.

Little League Field Prep

This Saturday, April 10, there will be a clean-up and spruce up session at the ball field at Prescott Memorial School.

Starting at 10 a.m. volunteers (this is you and we) will paint (solid stain) our new dugouts and tidy up the infield. Please come help and bring shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows. Washington Recreation Committee will supply the solid stain and paint brushes. Contact person is Coach Evan Morrison: Call or text 620-4767.

Best of all, just show up and help out.

Coaches needed for Little League

Little League Head Coach and contact person Evan Morrison is recruiting coaches for T-ball, Lower Farm Team, Upper Farm Team and softball.

The Little League requires background checks for all applicants, and Little League pays for them. There’s no cost to the applicant. This is really important work and a real gift to the kids and the Little League program.

Evan can be reached by phone or text at 620-4767.

The code

Some of us have landline telephone service that date back many years.

For instance, we’ve had the same number for 25 years. A feature of that service is a short message callers get when they dial the number.

The message is: You have called a number which does not accept calls from telemarketers. All other callers may press “1” if they wish to complete the call. This message takes about six seconds to play.

By then, a robot caller has disconnected. This landline feature is optional. If for some reason I do not want that message to play, it can be shut off by getting the dial tone, pressing *54, and the call button. Turn it back on? Dial tone, *55, call button.

It saves us from a lot of unwanted calls and we really notice it if it’s turned off. Friends and family are well used to pressing that “1” to put the call through.

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