Washington honors Chapman

Apr 08, 2014
Photo by: Charlotte Henderson Paulette Oboyski, left, member of Gibbs Library board of trustees and hostess for a special tribute to Liane Chapman, poses with Chapman's husband, Henry and  daughter, Delphine Sherin.

Washington — Nearly 60 people filled the Bryant Room at Gibbs Library in Washington April 6 to honor one of its own.

With smiles, special memories, and even a few tears fellow residents paid tribute to Liane Delphine Laplace Chapman who lost her battle with cancer last November.

Chapman moved to Washington with her husband, Henry in 1997. She quickly became involved in the community — in fact, there are few aspects of local activities Chapman did not aid or influence.

In 2007, she was the first person to be honored by the town with the Unsung Hero Award through the Spirit of America Foundation Tribute Program.

She served for six years as the town's Registrar of Voters; was secretary for the Planning Board, Appeals Board, and Washington Historical Society; served on the Roads Committee, and was Town Meeting Moderator — just a sampling of her community involvement:

"Arguably, one of her greatest contributions to the community was her role as the Gibbs Library Assistant Librarian extraordinaire," as noted in the Annual Report, which was dedicated to Chapman this year.

Several people shared memories of her ever-presence at the library. She had an intimate knowledge of the library’s inner workings. They recalled her warm and respectful regard for the library’s patrons, especially youngsters.

No matter the weather, Chapman enjoyed a daily walk on Old County Road.

The stories brought rounds of applause from listeners who recognized Chapman in their reminiscence.

Her husband, Henry and daughter, Delphine Sherin were presented with a hand-carved book made from a pine wood board by Steve Dean.

"As time goes by, we are still discovering how much she did for everyone and every organization that she helped. She was an example of how to be a pure, sweet and giving human being. We are honored to have known her," stated the Town Report.

Delphine Sherin, front right, shares a moment with one of the nearly 60 people who attended a special tribute to her mother, Liane Chapman, held at Gibbs Library on April 6. (Photo by: Charlotte Henderson)
Dorothy Connor joined several others in sharing memories at a special tribute to Liane Chapman held at Gibbs Library in Washington on April 6. (Photo by: Charlotte Henderson)
Henry Chapman takes a moment at the refreshment table to speak with Hank Aho at the Gibbs Library tribute to Chapman’s wife, Liane. He is holding the wooden book Steve Dean carved in honor of Liane who passed away in November. (Photo by: Charlotte Henderson)
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