Most items returned after Warren cafe break-in

By Beth A. Birmingham | Dec 05, 2018
Source: File Photo The St. George River Cafe in Warren was broken into Dec. 3.

Warren — Saint George River Cafe owner Ann Gonzalez has said most of the items taken in a Dec. 3 break-in have been returned.

The disturbance at the cafe, located at 310 Main St., was discovered Dec. 4, as it is closed on Mondays.

Gonzalez said upon arrival that morning, she noticed some things were knocked over and a storage closet had been broken into. Entry was gained through a basement door that had been knocked in, she said.

"Sadly, the cafe was broken into last night, and mostly beer and wine was stolen," she posted on Facebook, adding that the Knox County Sheriff's Office was looking into the matter.

"There was lots more available to whomever did this," Gonzalez said. "I'm so grateful."

She noted Odd Alewives Brewery in Waldoboro donated a keg of ale to "help ease the pain."

"Hopefully, when the guilty sober up, they’ll come to make amends," Gonzalez posted.

Later in the day Dec. 5, members of the Sheriff's Office stopped by the cafe with what they had recovered from breaking up an early morning party.

"The people of this area are amazing and full of grace," Gonzalez said.

Anyone with information about the break-in should contact the Knox County Sheriff's Office at 594-0429.

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Posted by: Kimberley Heilig | Dec 06, 2018 08:15

The sheriff recovered much of what had been stolen, according to Ann on the Cafe's Facebook page.  Please come visit this lovely restaurant.  You won't be disappointed.   Live music many evenings too!

Posted by: Reggie Montgomery | Dec 05, 2018 14:32

What a great response to such a dirty deed! Ann has a wonderful and rare attitude towards this occurrence. It's refreshing to hear something like this and have the owner be as nice in her response.


Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Dec 05, 2018 14:26

It seems to me that the local areas and towns are having the likes of adults in age low'30's about, having time to disrupt the inhabitants who work hard to pay salaries and taxes. Towns need work places and Taxes. People in each town would probably know who committed this foul act. Perhaps a telephone anonymous Tip Line?

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