Waldoboro woman ordered to pay $17,000 in restitution

By Juliette Laaka | Jun 23, 2014

Rockland — A 22-year-old Waldoboro woman pleaded guilty June 23 to stealing $17,000 from a former employer during a five-month period when she worked as a home care aide.

Tasha Campbell admitted to two felony charges of theft and unlawful possession of drugs in Knox County Superior Court and was placed on a jointly recommended deferred disposition. Campbell was also ordered to repay the money she took from the victim, who is in support of the sentence.

Campbell said she stole the money to support a drug habit. Campbell's attorney, Roger Hurley, said his client has no prior criminal history, and thanked the court for allowing the deferred disposition and a second chance for his client.

"This is a classic case of addiction causing a person with no prior record to become a criminal," he said.

If Campbell refrains from criminal activity for two years, a good outcome will be six months in jail and a $400 fine. If she does not adhere to conditions imposed by the court, she will face a minimum sentence of three years in jail with all but 9 months suspended.

The maximum sentence Campbell could face is 10 years.

Campbell admitted to stealing $17,000 from March to August 2013 from an employer by using the victim's debit card and credit cards to withdraw money. The card information was given to Campbell for the purpose of purchasing groceries and household items.

The victim noticed about 88 withdrawals from an ATM machine that she did not authorize, which launched an investigation by the Knox County Sheriff's Office. There were other suspects, but the investigation primarily focused on Campbell as she continued to make unauthorized withdrawals after other suspects had been fired.

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