Waldoboro residents urged to make address markings visible for EMS

By Beth A. Birmingham | May 11, 2017
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham Chairman Clint Collamore, left, holds up a reflective address sign he received to mark where his house is in Waldoboro. Emergency responders are asking residents to be sure their addresses are marked clearly so they can better assist in case of an emergency. Also pictured is Vice Chairman Jann Minzy.

Waldoboro — Unmarked or poorly marked addresses are causing emergency response delays, according to Waldoboro EMA Director Kyle Santheson.

Therefore, the town is offering discounts to residents on reflective signage, as well as tips to help emergency responders find you when seconds count.

For homes and businesses, address numbers should be large enough to be clearly seen from the road and set on a background of contrasting color -- preferably illuminated or reflective at night.

The town website states, "If your address numbers can’t be seen from the road, attach numbers to an additional sign of contrasting color and place close to your driveway entrance so they are easily seen by approaching rescue vehicles."

It adds that signs should be located so they are not obstructed by snow in the winter or leaves in the summer.

Mobile homes and apartments should also be identified with a number.

"Do not use your mailbox as the only means of identification for your home or business," the website recommends. Mailbox numbers can be confusing, especially if they are grouped together and there are multiple houses in close proximity.

Mailboxes should be marked on both sides. Make sure the numbers are in good repair and are of contrasting color that can be easily seen by approaching rescue vehicles.

"If you live on a corner, make sure the house number faces the street named in your address," the notice suggests.

Reflective signs are available through the Waldoboro Firemen’s Association. Signs are double-sided, measure 18 by 6 inches and have 3-inch white reflective numbers set on a blue reflective background.

The special rate of $10 is good through June 17 for Waldoboro residents. After that date, the price will go up to $20.

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