Waldoboro pharmacy anticipates Jan. 7 opening

By Bane Okholm | Dec 06, 2012
Photo by: Bane Okholm From left, pharmacist Brandon Archibald, clinical pharmacist Amelia Arnold, and Community Pharmacies CEO Joe Bruno speak with a community member at a press conference in Waldoboro Dec. 5.

Waldoboro — Town officials announced during a press conference Dec. 5 that Augusta-based Community Pharmacies anticipates opening its doors on Jan. 7, 2013.

Community Pharmacies, which is owned by former Maine Republican Party Chairman Joe Bruno, will occupy the same 5 Friendship St. location that previously housed Waltz Pharmacy.

Town Manager John Spear described the presence of a local pharmacy as an "anchor" in downtown Waldoboro, and thanked Planning and Development Director Bill Najpauer for his involvement in bringing Community Pharmacies to the town.

“When the announcement came that Waltz’s was closing, I think that morning, when we learned, it wasn’t five minutes and Bill was in making all kinds of phone calls," Spear said.

"It really just demonstrated a lot of initiative, to recognize that this was going to be problem, an issue for a lot of people...[Najpauer] jumped right on it, and things worked out well,” the town manager added.

Bruno, Community Pharmacies president and CEO, said residents wishing to have their prescriptions transferred to the company's Waldoboro branch must simply inform pharmacists at the store, and they will "take care of the rest."

Bruno said of Waltz Pharmacy’s now-defunct store, “It reminded me of the pharmacy I started working in back in 1970…so I fell in love with the place, I didn’t even run numbers. I just said, ‘That’s our kind of pharmacy, that’s our kind of town, that’s where we go.

“Our philosophy is to help small towns with having a pharmacy downtown and helping people with their medications,” Bruno said. “And our focus is on customer service and bending over backwards to make sure our customers are happy.”

Onetime Waltz Pharmacy owner Ted Wooster has been retained as a part-time pharmacist in addition to Community Pharmacy’s Brandon Archibald, who will commute to the Waldoboro location from South Portland.

“Joe and I are getting along very, very well," Wooster said of his new employer.

Community Pharmacies’ Clinical Pharmacist Amelia Arnold said pharmacist Archibald, who has most recently been employed as pharmacist in Community Pharmacies’ Gorham branch, is a “great fit” for Waldoboro, and has been actively embracing the local community.

Five former Waltz employees have already been interviewed and will likely be hired back in time for Community Pharmacy’s Waldoboro opening, Bruno said.

“If we can retain all the employees that were there before, we can’t wait to do that,” he said.

Bruno and Arnold said that the companies’ 10 other branches — most of which are also located in rural communities — translates into buying power, enabling them to match prices of “big box stores.”

The Waldoboro pharmacy will work with alternative care practitioners, Bruno said, and utilize a five day per week delivery schedule that will enable the store to typically receive medications and other supplies, like cards, small gifts, and durable medical equipment such as diabetic testing equipment, within 24 hours.

Community Pharmacies is optimistic their Waldoboro branch will be up and running by the Jan. 7 target date.

“We have everything on order, we have our computers on order, we have a guy down there now measuring out the place for a new security gate, and new security systems are going to be installed soon,” Bruno said. “We’re ready to go.

“This is our niche, this is what we do well, and I’m so excited about coming to Waldoboro,” Bruno added. “I wish we could open tomorrow.”

Courier Publications reporter Bane Okholm can be reached at 594-4401 ext. 125 or by email at bokholm@courierpublicationsllc.com.

Former Waltz Pharmacy owner and pharmacist Ted Wooster laughs during a press conference at the Waldoboro Town Office Dec. 5. (Photo by: Bane Okholm)
Community Pharmacies CEO Joe Bruno addresses press conference attendees at the Waldoboro Town Office Dec. 5. (Photo by: Bane Okholm)
Waldoboro Planning and Development Director Bill Najpauer at the Waldoboro Town Office Dec. 5. (Photo by: Bane Okholm)
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Posted by: Janet Eugley Spear | Dec 07, 2012 09:00

We are delighted to have the pharmacy opening again.  We will surely have our perscriptions returned back to Waldoboro. Thanks to those involved in making this happen.


Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Dec 06, 2012 09:49

WOW!  Talk about "CAN DO" people, here is a bunch. Shows what can be done when people work together, Washington, are you watching? :)

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