Wagner reveals his SECRET!!!

By Art Jura | Feb 23, 2013
Photo by: Art Jura Just follow the red arrows for the English translation.

SOUTH THOMASTON — This episode of "Viivi ja Wagner" turned out to be very difficult for me to translate into English! However, it is unique in that it admits"Wagner" REALLY is a pig dressed in short pants...which everyone just seems to take for granted?

The "key" to translation into English is the Finnish word "ELATTI", (in the first picture) and "LATTI"...used in the second. This letter "a" has two dots over it in Finnish, but removing the letter "e" from the second word, creates a totally different meaning! The first means foster child, and the second is sty, or pig-sty. Using both creates a cute little rhyming sound in Finnish, but all this is probably unknown to most Finnish-Americans.

The other point to remember is that modern Finland has a socialistic government, and this might be intended to exagerate the welfare payments doled out to non-workers?

I must admit that I looked this up in every "Finnish/English" dictionary I own, but found NOTHING until I located one published in 1913. This little jewell was given to me by Arvo Salo in an earlier lifetime, and measures barely 3"x 6" across!

By the way, have you noticed that there are talking pigs showing up in many of our commercials on American TV? Do you suppose they are related to "Viivi & Wagner"?

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