VStv Heard on the Street May 30

May 30, 2017
"If people can't come through the front door ... The first issue is people not being able to park and get into the restaurant. There have been days where they've actually had the whole building blocked off where people physically couldn't get into the building. And then the water damage to the foundation to the building because [they] don't have a contingency plan for drainage. They took all the soil and concrete out of the ground and replaced it with crushed stone, so the water drains and it drains directly into my basement, which could shut my business down." -Ryan Jones, Thomaston Cafe

How is the Thomaston construction affecting your day-to-day life?

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"It actually hasn't had as much of an impact on us as it has to other businesses around here, mainly based off of that we don't rely on foot traffic, right? So a lot of people will either set up appointments or they come here as a destination not just because they're walking down the street and they're like, 'Oh we want to go into Hybrid Fitness." So it hasn't actually hasn't affected us too much, where we have seen some negative affect, is obviously, traffic backups. Whether it's coming from Warren or coming from the Rockland side, or even Old County now, there's construction it seems like wherever you go. So, sometimes people will be a little bit late. but it's actually been better this year so far, then last year." -Hunter Grindle, Owner of Hybrid Fitness
"Just basically, it's traffic back up. You have a 20, 35 car" back up right now and traffic isn't even heavy, it isn't even summer yet. They're very considerate for traffic, they make a lane, it might be narrow, it might be smaller but they are considerate for that and they let us go through, so it's good that way." -Richard Gutek, New Castle Resident
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