VStv Heard on the Street May 11

May 11, 2017
"I think it's a good idea for the community. I don't really see an issue with it or why people would really care. I think, it would only take a couple minutes stop, right? So, if it helps alleviate drunk driving a little bit more in the area, I think that's a good thing." Susie Cooke, Warren

How do you feel about the Knox County Sheriff's office and other law enforcement, conducting safety checkpoints, or roadblocks, at random times and locations, often without any notice?

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"I appreciate that they're willing to, and want to, watch out for us all. My one reaction to being stopped, would be that I'd be afraid that I had done something wrong, which I don't like that kind feeling whatsoever, I'm a careful driver, but. And in the summertime if they're going to stop traffic, it's already congested enough, so that might be a real problem. But as far as looking out for us all, I agree with that." -Susan Nugent, Rockport
"It sounds to me like it violates the provision in the Constitution of unreasonable search and seizure. Unconstitutional. You need to have a reason to stop and search people." -David Albertson, Camden
"I'm in full support of all law enforcement. Period." -Howard Brown, Camden
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Posted by: Maggie Trout | May 21, 2017 23:03

Holy Moly. Batman.  Illegal search and seizure?  Nazi Germany?  Martial law?  Good grief.  I'll pee in my pants if I'm stopped - Catholic school guilty until proven innocent, you know - and I'll probably short-circuit the seat heaters or something, but I always wear my seat belt.  I check my running lights and signals quite regularly, horn, have the car inspected, don't speed, have active license, registration, and insurance, so what's to worry about except:  every time these checkpoints and road blocks are announced, you hear stories of people being held for extended periods of time for no reason; or it is someone with bumper stickers on their car; or someone who looks different - and there aren't driver education Public Service Announcement ongoing; the speeding, and zooming past on the right in dangerous locations continues unabated, as does the stop signal running - and yes. It scares the hell out of people when they're stopped because you just never know.  And the big announcement that these stops will happen is pretty strange, really, and I don't quite understand the purpose of making the big announcement.  (Don't all new vehicles have automatically-engaging seat belts?)  Do I speak for all when I mention that Officers need not approach vehicles with stern, threatening faces?  This exercise supposed to be helpful, right?  Right?

Posted by: Patricia Keyes | May 21, 2017 21:37

It's a Constitutional violation. We have the right to Life, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

LIBERTY is the right to move around on the land as we so desire without being inhibited by government whims. "Driving" is an act of commercial carriage of goods to market. Traffic laws apply to government workers and commercial vehicles and is a privilege.  Liberty, a RIGHT, involves "Traveling" as a private person, on or in whatever conveyance you own, for non-business purposes, and is not to be restricted.

Innocent until proven guilty. This is not Nazi Germany, and the NHS should not be forcing us to produce papers and explain our movements. It's a waste of our small resources for local police and county police, when they should be spending time catching real criminals.

This is a psy-ops conditioning of the public to martial law. Members of the military have been leaking information on this for more than a decade, and have shared that the families of local law enforcement will be threatened to make local law officers comply with illegal Federal controls of the population.  Sheriff Trafton knows this because I have talked about this topic with him in regards to several federal programs related to the National Homeland Security agency. We are not cattle for the feds to push around and "manage." Patriotic Americans exercising free speech are not political dissidents! We are all free people and we ought to act like it. Not invite unnecessary and unwanted intrusion into our lives, which are already grossly overtaxed and overregulated.

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