VStv Heard on the Street June 2

Jun 01, 2017
"I think, I would not have gotten married so early... I would have spent more time evaluating the characteristics of my first husband and made a better decision." -Polly Knapp, Camden

If you could go back in time, what would be one piece advice you'd give yourself?

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"Find out early on about all the characteristics of the lady you're going to be with for the rest of your life and don't rush into it." -Bob Knapp, Camden
Probably don't take the gap year, I had all these plans and then one year became two years, two years became three and having to transition from high school straight to college, is better than taking all this time off and getting derailed by other things that end up happening to you." -Bennett Perry, Lincolnville
"Don't rush, you'll get there eventually." -Etienne Perret, Camden
"Start investing in your 20s, as soon as you can possible do it. Have fun and enjoy life." -Pat Maceachern, Lincoln
"Marry the same woman." -Howard Taylor, Boston
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