Vote on moratorium on marijuana retail shops, social clubs set for Jan 24

By Susan Mustapich | Jan 11, 2017

CAMDEN — The Select Board will hold a special town meeting Tuesday, Jan. 24 to vote on an 180-day moratorium on retail marijuana establishments and social clubs.

Selectmen voted 3 to 2 on Jan. 10 to set up the special town meeting, with Don White, Marc Ratner and chairman John French voting in favor, and selectmen Leonard Lookner and James Heard voting in opposition. The special town meeting will be held 6:30 p.m. in the Washington Street Conference Room.

Lookner questioned the hurry for setting up a moratorium, when rulemaking on marijuana retail establishments would take about a year.

French explained that the town attorney is advising the moratorium to prevent cases of businesses from coming in as retail, not saying they will be selling marijuana, in order to demonstrate a substantive investment in a property, and obtain all the needed approvals.

Maine voters approved a referendum Nov. 8, 2016, to allow recreational use of marijuana. Gov. Paul LePage has signed a proclamation verifying the results of the vote, and on Jan. 30 possessing and growing marijuana will be legal.

The warrant article to enact a moratorium cites numerous issues to be considered, including the need to wait for State rule making and understand the rules once adopted, the public health and safety of marijuana, and within Camden's various zones, "how and where retail marijuana can be safely and best compatibly permitted."

In addition, the draft article cites the possibility that increased use of marijuana, "through its cultivation, sale and use in social clubs" in Camden, could "create the potential additional burden on the Town of Camden's public facilities, especially the town's public health and public safety resources."

The lack of available measures for public safety personnel to determine "a person's ability to safely operate" vehicles after recreational consumption at social clubs is another concern cited.

Consideration of the impact of marijuana establishments near schools, churches, and residential neighborhoods is included as an area of need to be considered during a moratorium.

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Posted by: Ron Hawkes | Jan 12, 2017 09:13

Sad that people in politics cannot just do what the people have voted for you to do.It is not your job to be "leaders" it is your job to do the will of the people as it is voted on rather you like it or not!! You had your vote just like the rest of us. So sick of politicians!!!!

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