Volunteers clean up mess, repair holes left at ballfield by woman's horses

By Beth A. Birmingham | Nov 09, 2018
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham

Friendship — Beginning Sunday, Nov. 4, some Friendship residents exploded Facebook with posts complaining about a woman and two horses staying at the local ballfield across from the elementary school.

Posters' concerns included the safety of the children at the school, damage done to the field, and the lack of communication about why it was happening.

The unidentified woman from away was apparently traveling cross-country with her two horses, and was given permission by the Board of Selectmen to bed down in one of the dugouts while allowing her horses to rest, Chairman Arthur "Bubba" Thompson said in a telephone interview Nov. 7.

He said he had received a phone call from a resident who asked permission for the woman and her horses, which were said to have been trucked to Friendship from Norway, Maine, to rest for the night.

"I didn't have a clue it would end up being four days," Thompson said, adding that he had given her strict instructions not to allow the horses on the infield itself -- only in the outfield.

With the next two days being rainy, the weight of the horses wandering around the field caused numerous deep holes and the animals also left several mounds of manure strewn around.

This led to concerns about any parasites the horses might be carrying, but also a joking comment on how green the grass will be for next season.

Thompson said the camper failed to follow what was agreed upon and he went to the field and asked her to leave.

He said the town didn't break any ordinances by allowing the woman to rest there, and added he felt good about trying to help someone out.

A group of volunteers went to the field Nov. 7 to scoop the poop and fill in the holes.

A Courier-Gazette reporter who went to the scene while the cleanup was going on was told "No photographs. No comment. No story here."

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Many piles of manure and hoof holes were left behind at the ballfield in Friendship after a woman and her two horses were allowed to stay there for an overnight that turned into three. (Source: Facebook)
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Posted by: pat putnam | Nov 11, 2018 08:17

You did the woman a big favor. Why wreck it now?

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