Viivi & Wagner return!

By Art Jura | Feb 18, 2013
Photo by: Art Jura The dog's name is Piski, and all he says is "VUF". The English translation is "WOOF".

SOUTH THOMASTON — Yes, I am sharing some Finnish funnies with you again! Aren't you all excited and happy? After all, this is educational and entertaining, and it has been a tough few weeks for all of us.

I discovered "Viivi & Wagner" last May in the Finnish online media. It is a little weird, as it is all about a young lady and her male "friend"...who just happens to be a pig. They talk (in Finnish) about all kinds of daily events and problems, and I attempt to translate these conversations into English for you. You IS educational!

Just follow the red arrows to the English translations.

Art Jura

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