Video Interview with Larry Pritchett

By Daniel Dunkle | Feb 08, 2017
Video by: Daniel Dunkle

Rockland — City Councilor Larry Pritchett resigned Feb. 1.

He sat down for an interview with VillageSoup and VStv Feb. 3 to discuss his reasons for leaving the council.

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Posted by: Maggie Trout | Feb 08, 2017 19:11

Who is the interviewer?  Yes, indeed. The sacrificing of Audrey Lovering on the altar of the insidious, relentless politics of Rockland was iconic in its signal that nothing was going to be allowed to progress in Rockland the it could.  I deeply want to believe what is being said in this interview, but I don't.  There has been so much falseness, so much attention given to special interest groups - no - personal interests and interrelationships that I just can't believe there isn't something some kind of agenda here.  One wants solely to feel compassion.  It doesn't help that Pritchett names who he does as his advisor in his decision to run for reelection, or take a year off.  If this is some kind of alternate universe, it's not the one I would choose, and it just keeps getting stranger and stranger.  Immediately after moving here eleven years ago, locals said they had thrown up their hands a long time ago and they weren't about to fight against a force they seemed powerless to oppose.  It's not true, of course, that strides couldn't be made to return to some state of equilibrium.  Then there's Ruf on Boston tv as the spokesmodel for Rockland -- good job by the way - very energetic - *but then the long segment on the chocolate business - fantastic free advertising), and Renew Rockland pushing solar by presenting statistics on how many jobs there were in solar, without mentioning the unbelievable push by the last Federal administration and all kinds of money going to solar and wind -- of course there are more jobs in these fields... okay. Rant over.  It's just too much.

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