Veto kills bill to protect Mainers if federal health care law repealed

By Stephen Betts | Apr 11, 2018

Augusta — A bill to offer protection for Maine residents if the federal Affordable Care Act is repealed died Monday, April 9, after the state Senate failed to override a veto by the governor.

The Senate voted 17-16 to override a veto by Republican Gov. Paul LePage on LD 1279, entitled "An Act to Ensure Patient Protections in the Health Insurance Laws."

But a two-thirds vote of both chambers is needed to override a veto and the Senate vote fell far short of the two-thirds mark.

The bill offered protections in the event the federal health care law is repealed. The state bill would have allowed children younger than 26 years of age to remain on their parents' health insurance; prohibited individual, group and blanket health plans from imposing a pre-existing condition exclusion; prohibited carriers offering individual or group health plans from establishing lifetime or annual limits on the dollar value of benefits.

Democratic State Sen. David Miramant of Camden voted to override the governor's veto. Republican Sens. Dana Dow of Waldoboro and Michael Thibodeau of Winterport voted to support the governor's veto.

Miramant said the bill would have taken away the power of insurance companies to maximize profits at the expense of those who are paying for coverage.

"I voted for this bill and voted to override the governor's veto. This was shortsighted on the governor's part and will continue to push Mainers to avoid treatment or lose all their savings when they get sick," Miramant said.

The House had voted 78-67 on March 20 in support of the bill.

Voting for the legislation were Democratic Reps.Pinny Beebe-Center of Rockland, John Spear of South Thomaston and Walter Kumiega III of Deer Isle.

Voting against the bill were Republican Reps. Paula Sutton of Warren and Abden Simmons of Waldoboro.

Independent Rep. Owen Casas of Rockport was absent from the roll-call vote.

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Posted by: ananur forma | Apr 11, 2018 19:22

I will.

Posted by: Patrick Michael Florance | Apr 11, 2018 09:01

The  Republican Party has become an embarrassment to this country.  They only care about themselves!  Vote them out!

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