Veterinary Shock Wave Therapy   SAVE $100 NOW

Horse & Hound Veterinary Services offers shock wave therapy for horses and dogs.  A shock wave is a high-energy sound wave used to stimulate healing in ligaments, tendons, muscles or bone. This treatment produces a tingling sensation but is non-painful. Shock wave therapy has been proven to speed healing and improve the quality of healing. It can be used to treat equine navicular disease, suspensory tendinitis, back soreness, delayed wound healing and more. Dogs can be treated for cranial cruciate disease, arthritis, muscle trauma, and biceps tendonitis with this modality. Our practice is offering a late summer sale on shock wave therapy to be able to provide this treatment method to more animals that have experienced injuries during this outdoor season.  Example:  horse fetlock - one treatment $350 - now $250 per joint; and dog stifle (knee) one treatment $300 - now $200 per joint. Please call 557-5669 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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