Veterans Helping Veterans cut, stack firewood

By Kim Lincoln | Dec 04, 2012
Source: File photo Rob Pfeiffer, left, and Peter Green load a pickup with firewood at a Union home in 2011.

Camden — For the second year, members of Camden-based Veterans Helping Veterans is extending an offer to help veterans with firewood — free of charge.

Veterans Helping Veterans offers counseling and post-traumatic stress disorder support in a group setting where veterans can talk to others who have shared similar experiences.

As part of the program, group members will cut, split and deliver wood based on letters received describing need. Group members will also cut, split and stack existing wood on a veteran's property.

The letters will be read at the group's meetings, which take place Monday evenings, where a decision also will be reached.

"We are somewhat limited in our supply, so, we will have to assess need in some way," wrote Rob Pfieffer, counselor and Marine Corp veteran, in a news release.

Pfeiffer said the group has already helped out with firewood in Union this year and the offer is extended to any veteran in need.

Selected recipients will be contacted by Veterans Helping Veterans members to arrange for drop-off or time to cut and stack wood.

Veterans interesting in the program should send letters to: Veterans Helping Veterans, c/o Rob Pfeiffer, 71 Elm St., Camden, ME 04843.

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Posted by: Joanna Calderwood | Dec 06, 2012 06:23


I am glad to see this story printed. Veterans Helping Veterans is a fantastic organization- hats off to Rob and all the guys!

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