Venus & Pluto offering insight and blessings for relationships.

Sep 04, 2019
Courtesy of: Tony Forma



Relationship not about GETTING my needs met, relationship about bringing the Truth of who I am to the relationship for furthering growth and enlightening

and enjoying one another by clearing old patterns which are gifts to see and know for myself to remove, rather than pointing out to my partner "their issues," for them.

Conflict so called, between us in relationship is a trick of the ego......NOT about the relationship at all.

It is a trigger point, a simple catalyst for each one of us to.... Stop. yes, stop, right then and there and go physically away and work on oneself NOT on the other.

In fact it might not even be necessary to share what one finds out. The goal is ....peace and enjoyment of your partner, not to harm, correct or analyze your partner,

but to be loving and supportive of each other, it is not easy or simple living on a planet with so much pain, distress and deception.

It hurts sometimes. We ALL need each other. Earth is a tough place to be.

What helps is to NOT talk to your partner when triggered by something partner did or said... but ...."to stop" and go for a walk alone,

or write in journal immediately...

asking....what is coming up for me now

while I am shaking and quaking inside?

My partner has surely triggered "something" inside of me

otherwise I would be.... totally calm and at peace.

What is going on "in me?"

I am curious to find out so I can trace this emotion which seems SO convincing...

back to it's original starting point (childhood, perhaps another lifetime?) which thus created a belief ...which has got me now shaking and a quaking.

Now I am curious as I want to free myself from this essential belief which has now gotten my attention.

It's emotionally exaggereated so it appears to be "real." and yet it is NOT. It's just part of "the illusion" playing it's games with me, right now.

Another trick, produced by ego to keep me distracted and unsettled.

I can shift this with help from Holy Spirit/Higher Self by asking for help, "How can I see this diffferently?" help will come.

This is what I REALLY want,

rather than conflict and disputs with my partner, whom I truly love and respect.

I trust my partner to do the same - "to stop."

take time to go deeper within themself, be curious, find out what I have triggered in him/her...? This is a gift for "MY" inner growth.

I too am a catalyst for my partner to clear past patterns from this lifetime

and other dimensional lives

in order to grow beyond this shaking and quaking inside. In order to bring peace and uninterrupted Love to a planet in need...

No more blaming and shaming- it's not fun or pleasant and blocks the Light within.

I wish for us to make "an agreement" (perhaps written and signed! if we agree it might be necessary )

and then

to follow this outline in order to shift blame

off of one another

and to take 100% responsibility

for mySELF.


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