Vehicle collides with Lincolnville residence

Nov 12, 2012
Photo by: Jenna Lookner Ray Lovejoy's afternoon was disrupted when a vehicle slammed into his truck and Lincolnville seasonal home on Monday, Nov. 12 around 3:30 p.m.

Lincolnville — Nov. 12, around 3:30 p.m., Ray Lovejoy of Everett, Mass., was sitting in the living room of his seasonal home in Lincolnville watching television when a vehicle crashed into his residence.

The 22-year-old driver from Hermon was on his way home from work in Camden, said Waldo County Sheriff's Deputy Arthur Smith. The vehicle was headed from Route 1 via Slab City Road toward Route 52 when it left the roadway, struck Lovejoy's Ford F-150 pick-up parked in front of the residence, knocking it on its side, and finally came to rest against the structure, Lovejoy said.

"They go too fast around this turn," he added.

Smith said the driver did not recall the moments leading up to the crash but did not show signs of impairment. The driver was able to exit the vehicle without extrication and was transported to Waldo County General Hospital. Police remained on scene to orchestrate a reconstruction of the accident at of 4:15 p.m. Nov. 12.

Lovejoy said he heard the crash and called 911 for help. A window was broken and Lovejoy said he suspects the wall cracked from the impact.

"I'm just concerned about my house and truck," he said.

Lovejoy was alone in the residence at the time of the accident but said his wife is on her way to Maine from Massachusetts.

Lincolnville fire, Camden First Aid Association and Waldo County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene of the crash.

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Waldo County Sheriff's Deputy Arthur Smith said he is in the process of arranging an accident reconstruction to determine why a vehicle operated by a 22-year-old Hermon man left Slab City Road and hit a home on Monday, Nov. 12. (Photo by: Jenna Lookner)
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Posted by: Jennie Demmons | Nov 12, 2012 21:31

I believe it does say "Hermon"..

Posted by: Gordon Page | Nov 12, 2012 17:56

Could be worse.  There are three more vowels from which to choose.


Posted by: Steve Gibbons | Nov 12, 2012 17:46

I believe the town is Hermon, not Herman.

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