Various Benefits Of Using An Engineered Hardwood Flooring

By Mike Krieger | Aug 07, 2018

The remarkable features of your engineered hardwood flooring make it a valuable flooring for anywhere in your house. It brings classic style and natural warmth to a place. The performance attributes of this type of flooring make it possible to install it in each and every area in the home, including basements and bathrooms. There are several advantages offered by engineered hardwood flooring.


Engineered wood has got real wood flooring quality in it that is made in layers and joined together. The upper hardwood layer exhibits all beauty and natural characteristics of the selected wood species that is seen with genuine wood floor. Beneath the surface, you will find several layers of high density fiberboard. It makes a board highly stable and strong than solid wooden board.

Superior level of stability makes engineered hard wooden flooring resistant to modifications in humidity and temperatures. One of the advantages for householders is that this kind of flooring can be easily installed even in areas where there is a lot of moisture like finished basements. is a trusted name in engineered, real wood, and laminate flooring in Northern Ireland since the year 2001.

Genuine hardwood

Though engineered hardwood flooring isn’t built using solid hardwood, it still shows warmness, lifetime value and beauty of a genuine hardwood flooring. When you shop for an engineered hardwood floor, you will find an impressive and vast range of textures, colors, finishes and wood species. Once it is installed, engineered wood planks appear the same as any other solid wood planks.


Installation of an engineered hardwood flooring is easier and simpler than other types of flooring. It can be glued, stapled or floated on basis of the product that you select. Floating floors are considered to be the easiest to install. It goes directly on an existing floor.


Engineered hard wooden flooring costs a lot less than other parquet and solid wood flooring. Low cost does not mean that there is any reduction in the quality and appearance. The best part is that the cost of installation is also very less as compared to engineered wood over parquet and solid flooring. Also, the cost of production cost is less.

An extensive range of choices

Engineered hard wooden flooring gives the same classy and rich look as provided by the real wood flooring. You can sand it down and refinish it many times just like solid wood. Pre-finished options of an engineered wood make them very popular than real solid wood. Engineered wooden flooring is appropriate for underfloor heating, which is not the case with solid wooden flooring.


As multiple layers are bonded together in engineered wood, it becomes highly versatile and stable. It is very less impacted by changes in the levels of humidity of a place.


Before putting your money on hardwood flooring, you must take time to explore the advantages offered by engineered hardwood flooring. You might find out it is the appropriate type of flooring for your house.

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