Uses of Decorative Screen Panels

By Mike Krieger | May 16, 2018

It’s often overlooked how easy it is to customize certain aspects of your home. Decorative screen panels can easily be added to any room of your house, or even set up outside. However, the same process of customizing panels can be used on other structural or decorative parts of your home. Using laser cut patterns to decorate a home is becoming more and more common, especially as it has become easier to design your own customized designs.

How It Works

Laser cutting can be done on materials that are either wood or metal based. The laser has pinpoint precision and cuts perfectly, meaning that extremely elaborate designs are easy to make. Because of the deep and clean cut, the design will last a long time and go unharmed by the elements. The cutting process usually involves a template design, which laser cutting companies have plenty of on hand. However, if you’re the more creative type, you can design your own using any number of software programs and provide your design to laser cutting companies. Furthermore, laser cutting designs have a wide variety of functions.

Wall Décor

Perhaps the most common use of laser cut designs is for wall decorations. Wooden or steel paneling can go up in almost any room of the house and still look appropriate and stylistic. Panels can be attached to the walls, or can be used as cupboards, shelves, or in any other functionality. Custom laser paneling can give any room a specific vibe or ambience, and can help make your home feel more like your own customized place.


Another example of how laser cut customization can be used is with stairway railing. Laser cutting can create a unique style for the stairway rails in your home, but they can also do much more than that. If you have a stairway that is less conventional than directly upward, you can create an embellished and elaborate setup for your railway that fits the unique shape of your home. If you have a deck or porch with a railing, you can also use laser cut customization on that.

Decorative screen panels have a wide variety of uses around the home. Instead of your typical artwork or wall décor, using customized wall panels that you designed personally can really make a home feel unique.

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