Uranus in Taurus is playing a big role in my chart

Dec 25, 2019

I wondered when I looked at my solar return chart for my birthday what would show up...as potential for the year that is  from birthday to birthday?

Ok, now I imagine that you're thinking what in the world (Cosmos) is a solar return chart? Well, I take your exact birth info: date, location (longitude and latitude) and time of birth within 4 minutes and calculate your chart, which display where the planets were in relation to your birth. This is very important information. The computer calculates where you will be on your birthday for the year. mine was September 30th in Rockland and the solar return, when the Sun returns to where is was at birth, for me that was 7 degrees 17 minutes of Libra on September 30th. No I'm not telling which year.

What I found was Uranus in Taurus on the 4th house cusp/line directly opposite the top of the chart..the Moon in Scorpio. Now I'll explain. Uranus in Taurus on the 4th house means unsettled circumstances in the home- which could mean that I move away. Or it could mean something unsettling that disturbs my sense of security in my home, or even financial disruption due to my home and land. The Moon on top of my solar return chart shows big involvement with the public and in Scorpio most people won't want to hear what I have researched and am saying. So, I was perplexed... what could this be? So, here's what happened...October 26 New Moon, I get a notification in my mailbox from the code officer's office that a proposed cell-radiation emitting tower 120 ft. high..could be located right next to Pizza Hut which is next to "my" neighborhood of 100 residents in Pen Bay Acres, also next to apartments called Shore Village.  I had written for Oct. 26 a "New Moon which will be disruptive and cause you (or me!) to make this disruptive circumstance a priority and everything else on back shelf for another time." Well that's EXACTLY what happened, to me. I was working all weekend.By Monday I began non-stop researching cell towers to learn about them and what exactly the hazards are? I have not stopped researching to this day, Christmas. I don't know if I will decide to move or not, it depends on if the cell tower goes up or finds a better location away from shops stores and people's homes. I really don't want to move. The latest news is a proposal for a 60 ft. cell radiating tower on Main Street downtown Rockland at the Island Institute. Shocking news. Have been alerting the Chamber of Commerce and many individuals to stop this nonsense. If it goes through I won't shop in Rockland anymore. I don't go to WalMart (have never been) because I have been supportive of our downtown. I will have to shop in Camden or elsewhere, sorry to say. I guess I know too much now having done so much researching.

If you want me to do your "solar return," chart I hope your year ahead will be better than mine. God Bless us all on this Christmas Day. May your joy increase (I'm not being sarcastic)............


No way to do spell check so forgive any errors you find here, I tried very hard to re-read it and find errors.


do you know about this?  I can't find it in USA newspapers anywhere.




also:  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/cell-tower-shut-down-some-california-parents-link-to-several-cases-of-childhood-cancer/

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Comments (2)
Posted by: Ananur Forma | Dec 26, 2019 15:03

thanks Mickey, I can picture you as you were years back in Camden. Many Blessings to you and your family/friends.

such love you have for this area comes through with your dedication to reading what's transpiring here.

Hopefully cell towers will not be on Rte. 1. such an insane idea! One of my best friends just died, I was with,

am somewhat of a basket case ,right now...missing her already! I know it's natural to feel this way, but not fun. Love NEVER dies.


must  add this about what the Los Angeles fire chief said about cell tower put on his building  and his loving concern for his men, not feeling well ,etc. very serious.


Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Dec 26, 2019 14:11

Sad that this is happening and I feel for you and all the rest of Rockland. We can not live in "the good old days" but we can try to survive with good technology and information. I agree this is a wrong place to put the tower. My prayers are with you Carol and hopefully good intentions will prevail!

Mary "Mickey: (Brown) McKeever  +;0).....

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