Mid-Coast Solid Waste transfer station closed Saturday, Nov. 2

UPDATED: Downed branch knocks out power in Rockport

By Gabriel Blodgett | Nov 01, 2019
Photo by: Gabriel Blodgett A branch fell on power lines on Commercial Street knocking out power for many in Rockport.

Rockport — In Rockport, a downed branch on Commercial Street caused a number of homes and businesses to lose power Nov. 1.

The branch fell on power lines across from Offshore Restaurant just before 10 a.m. Offshore owner Phil Johnson said the power flickered several times before going out.

The Central Maine Power outage map showed numerous outages on Commercial Street and throughout downtown Rockport. Outages have also been reported on Beech Hill Road, Main Street and Union Street into Camden.

Rockport Town Clerk Wyatt Summers said power was knocked out at the Town Office and the Police and Fire Station. He said all town buildings are operating on a generator.

The Mid-Solid Waste Facility will be closed Saturday, Nov. 2, due to lack of electricity.

As of 2 p.m., CMP listed 437 customers without power in Rockport and Camden.



A downed branch on Commercial Street knocked out power in Rockport and Camden. (Photo by: Gabriel Blodgett)
(Photo by: Susan Mustapich)
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Posted by: Dale Hayward | Nov 03, 2019 22:31

A friend of mine, (yes, I do have a couple) and I were riding around in our buggy the other day somewhere around here and we got talking about the tree limbs that hang over the roadways. Next time you are riding around in your buggy take a serious look up, and you will be startled to imagine what if a big wind or lots of snow and ice build up on those old dead, bent over already, if those branches were to go ka-bang on top of your car. That just might interrupt your excursion. And, it might just damage the buggy. I know that tree branches basically hanging around the power lines are trimmed in many instances. But, nobody is going to pay to have to tree branch from a tree on your property trimmed if there are no wire to worry about. Now, I ask myself that if your branch on your tree hangs over the roadway and ka-boom it kills someone or totals their buggy are you liable. Can any lawyer answer that, or do they also not consider this a liability circumstance or is there a law in Maine that says that tree branches hanging over the road from your tree on your land are in space and do not belong to you. Should you set up a ladder in the road and trim those branches? Where in the world did I get this thought? What if?

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