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UPDATED: Camden arch restored and back in place

By Susan Mustapich | Oct 04, 2018
Photo by: Susan Mustapich

CAMDEN — The Camden arch on Union Street was lowered back into place onto a rebuilt supporting column Oct. 4.

One of the supporting columns was destroyed Aug. 23 after it was struck by a delivery truck, and the structure was deemed unsafe. The massive top of the arch was removed at the time, and transported to a lot owned by Rockport Steel.

The supporting column was completely rebuilt by Vision Builders, according to owner Gregg Haining. The top of the arch, which once bore the lettering "Peyton Place," during the filming of that movie in Camden, was lowered onto the columns around 10 a.m. by Rockport Steel's crane.



The top of the Camden arch returned to Union Street Oct. 4, following the rebuild of a supporting column destroyed by a delivery truck Aug. 23. (Photo by: Susan Mustapich)
The rebuilt column of the Camden arch is taken off the crane's flatbed the morning of Oct. 4. (Photo by: Susan Mustapich)
The column rebuilt by Vision Builders is fit back onto its base at the corner of Union Street and Curtis Avenue Oct. 4. (Photo by: Susan Mustapich)
The pros at Rockport Steel made the work of lifting the huge arch and lowering it onto its columns look easy. (Photo by: Susan Mustapich)
(Photo by: Susan Mustapich)
The Camden arch, missing since one of its columns was destroyed by a delivery truck Aug. 23, was lowered back in place around 10 a.m. Oct. 4. (Photo by: Susan Mustapich)
The restored arch on Union Street welcomes travelers to Rockport, when looked at from the other side. (Photo by: Susan Mustapich)
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Posted by: Greg Holt | Oct 04, 2018 22:24

Thank you to all involved, especially Vision Builders, Rockport Steel and the fine professionals that rebuilt this Historic Landmark for us all to enjoy as we make our way on Union Street through The Arch!









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