Union residents petition against cell tower

Public hearings Thursday, May 9
By Beth A. Birmingham | May 01, 2013
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham Theresa "Tree" Roth and Sharon Osbourne peruse the site of the proposed telecommunications tower and facility by Bay Communications. The application is the topic of two public hearings Thursday, May 9 in Union.

Union — The town of Union will hold two public hearings Thursday, May 9, at 6 p.m. regarding an application for a cell tower on Mt. Pleasant Road.

Bay Communications has applied to construct a wireless telecommunications facility at 48 Mt. Pleasant Road.

Code Enforcement Officer Barry Norris said he received the official application proposal April 25. Residents who live within 500 feet of the proposed site received direct notification of the public hearings in the mail April 29.

The proposed elevation of the tower is 190 feet and, if approved, the site will be 60,000 square feet. The site is located atop a knoll behind Wottons Mill Road and Mt. Pleasant Road, just off a commonly used snowmobile trail.

Residents opposing the placement of the tower have begun circulating a petition.

"The visual impact will be profound and impossible to screen," states the petition Sharon Osborne is gathering signatures on.

"It was the furthest thing from my mind when I purchased here," said Theresa "Tree" Roth, who lives on Wottons Mill Road. Roth and Osborne expressed their frustration at the process by which residents were notified of the proposed telecommunications tower.

On March 28, approximately 20 people including Union Planning Board members along with Norris and representatives of Bay Communications conducted a site walk.

"I ran around the day before to distribute notices to let people know about the walk," said Osborne.

Following the site walk, Osborne said the planning board went into its regularly scheduled meeting regarding the possible application for the tower, however no public comment was taken, as is protocol.

Osborne and Roth are not only concerned about the visual affects the tower will have on the area's natural landscape, how it will affect their property value as well as any health implications are on their minds as well.

"I bought here for the equity," said Osborne, who now is not certain how the proposed cell tower will affect her retirement.

The public hearings will be held in the town office meeting room on the lower level.

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Just beyond this pond and atop the hill on Wottons Mill Road in Union is the site of a proposed cell phone tower and facility by Bay Communications. Public hearings are Thursday, May 9 on the subject. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
Sharon Osborne of Union makes her way along a snowmobile trail off Wottons Mill Road. At the top of the hill is where Bay Communications has proposed to put a 190-foot tower and 60,000-square-foot facility. Osborne and several other residents are circulating a petition against the project, which is the subject of public hearings Thursday, May 9. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
Theresa "Tree" Roth makes her way to the spot of the proposed 190-foot cell tower and facility off Wottons Mill Road in Union. The tower will be directly in line of her sunrise viewing from her residence. The project is the subject of two public hearings Thursday, May 9. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
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Posted by: Betty McCommic | May 02, 2013 18:35

You know what i wouldn't care john ganz. My but we are snippy.


Posted by: Cathy L Lielausis | May 02, 2013 09:57

I used to do a lot of siting studies, and no matter where one was proposed, the people nearby hated it.  They even had a name for them: NIMBY or "not in my backyard."  Every site has them.

Personally I would be a NIMBY also.

Posted by: John Ganz | May 01, 2013 16:33

Everyone not directly effected by it will say "go ahead".  I can't imagine anyone within sight of it would really want it.  The cell service is good enough around here.   There has to be a better spot.  Maybe Betty Anne Mccommic's home?  Don't ruin our value (life and financial) or health for your greed.  Find another place Selectmen or find another job!

Posted by: Sandra Overlock | May 01, 2013 13:02

Maybe the owner of the land would be glad to sell it to those who are against the tower to compensate for their loss of revenue.

Posted by: Betty McCommic | May 01, 2013 11:47

That tower is not going to bother anyone. the sun will still be visible . People Just have a hard time excepting change.


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