Multiple charges dropped, Lind must register as sex offender

Union man convicted of sex assault

By Stephen Betts | Feb 06, 2019
Photo by: Knox County Jail Randall Lind

Rockland — A 40-year-old Union man was sentenced Wednesday, Feb. 6, to time served on a charge that he sexually assaulted a child five years ago.

Randall S. Lind Jr. was sentenced in Knox County Superior Court to 364 days in jail with all but 52 days suspended. He was given credit for the 52 days he spent at the Knox County Jail following his arrest in March 2018 before he was released on bail.

He will be on probation for a year and must register as a sex offender for 10 years.

Lind entered a no-contest plea to a single count of unlawful sexual contact. A no-contest plea results in a conviction, but does not require the defendant to admit guilt.

Three counts of the more serious charge of gross sexual assault and 11 other unlawful sexual contact charges were dismissed. The victim was 11 years old at the time of the assault in March 2014.

Assistant District Attorney Christopher Fernald said the sentence agreement was reached because there were potential proof problems and there was a concern a conviction might not be obtained if the case went to trial. A jury was scheduled to be selected Wednesday in the case.

The prosecutor said that the victim and her mother agreed with the sentence agreement. He said the state wanted Lind to have a conviction on his record and to require him to register for 10 years as a sex offender, both which were obtained with the plea.

Lind was represented by attorney Philip Cohen of Waldoboro.

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Posted by: Mitchell Carney | Feb 10, 2019 08:48

Bring back capital punishment

Posted by: Nina Reed | Feb 07, 2019 11:00

And.........this is why they re-offend. As long as they get the slap to the wrist and not the hammerfall, they see it as permission to continue to violate. I don't care what they say about low risk offenders and crowded prisons. Let every person who has been convicted of selling pot out of the prisons and fill their space with pedophiles. Better idea-just ship them to an island with no other inhabitants. Make sure that there is no way they can make it back to the mainland either. ~Melanie Keene

Posted by: Valerie Wass | Feb 07, 2019 08:05


Posted by: Jeff Sukeforth | Feb 07, 2019 08:01

52 days, really, that is all?


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