Unforgettable:  "The Edge of Eden:  Living with Grizzlies"

Arts & Entertainment
Camden Public Library
55 Main Street, Camden, ME 04843
Sally O. Smyth
Mar 02, 2014
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Sunday afternoon March 2nd, 2:00-3:30 pm at the Camden Public Library's Picker Room:  watch the prize-winning documentary "The Edge of Eden:  Living with Grizzlies".   It contains extraordinary footage from Russia's Kamchatka peninsula, where the understated Charlie Russell is filmed as he raises multiple sets of orphaned grizzlies among wild grizzlies in order to answer two questions:


1)  Can you develop a relationship with bears based on trust rather than fear and,

2) Are bears inherently un-predictable?  Is it true that they will turn on you and harm you for no reason?


This project spanned 13 years, some of them Russia's most tumultuous, with repercussions for wildlife specialists in the USA right now as black bear researchers in Minnesota head to court this March.   For more about Charlie Russell, visit his website:  charlierussellbears.com.


Sally Smyth will introduce the video--as a board member of the Vital Ground Foundation,  she follows developments in the world of bears, especially the grizzlies of our West.  This treasure of a film was discovered during  her ongoing hunt for accurate information about bears.  It lasts 90 minutes, don't miss it, stay for brief bear Q&A  afterwards if you, too are intrigued.


This is not a Camden Public Library event:  please contact Sally Smyth at 207-236-6782 for more information.