Two Manhattan residents arrested for Camden burglaries

By Stephen Betts | Aug 04, 2017
Talicia Martins, left, and Jacob Flanagan.

Camden — Two Manhattan residents were arrested Thursday night and Friday morning for a series of burglaries last week at downtown Camden businesses.

Talicia Martins, 21, was arrested Thursday night, Aug. 3 at a residence on Chestnut Street, said Camden Police Detective Curt Andrick. On Friday morning, Jacob Flanagan, 20, came to the police station on Washington Street and was arrested, Andrick said.

Martins was charged with one count both of burglary and felony theft (more than $1,000 in items taken) while Flanagan was charged with three counts of both burglary and felony theft, the detective said.

Martins was released on $1,500 cash bail while Flanagan remains at the Knox County Jail in Rockland in lieu of $1,500 cash bail.

The pair were arrested with the assistance of an anonymous tip from the public after police posted photographs from surveillance videos, Andrick said. The two had been interviewed by police on Thursday and based on those interviews and the surveillance pictures the arrests were made, he said.

The burglaries occurred Sunday night and Monday morning (July 30 and 31). The break-ins occurred at The Smoothie Shack on Elm Street, Francine Bistro on Chestnut Street, and Camden Cone on Bay View Street. Cash was taken in the break-ins.

Flanagan formerly lived in Camden, Andrick said.  Martins is the daughter of Darci Kistler, former principal dancer with the New York City Ballet and Peter Martins, chief of the Metropolitan Ballet Company. According to the Portland Press Herald, Martins has written articles for Teen Vogue and was arrested in June for possession of cocaine and heroin at her parents’ home in New York.

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Posted by: Ben Ellison | Aug 04, 2017 18:45

Oh please, Steven, NYC does not teach kids like this to be dumb burglars. Have you been to Manhattan in recent decades? It's practically overrun with smart, ambitious kids from all over the country and world. Relatively speaking, these two seem, um, 'exceptional'.

Posted by: Steven D Bryant | Aug 04, 2017 15:27

They say we all come home again. Too bad it's to do thy neighbor wrong.

NYC teaches some nasty habits.

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