Deadline is May 1 to file

Dorr passes on Rockland council race, two make ballot

By Stephen Betts | Apr 25, 2017

Rockland — Two candidates have filed nomination papers to seek a single vacant seat on the Rockland City Council with a May 1 deadline to get on the ballot.

Stephen Carroll and Amelia Magjik have filed their papers and qualified for the June 13 election.

Benjamin Dorr took out papers, but announced Tuesday, April 25, that he had decided not to run in this election. He said he is planning a business expansion and that will take up his time this summer. Dorr said he will likely run at some point, perhaps in November.

Candidates must file papers at City Hall with the signatures of at least 100 registered Rockland residents by the deadline.

The seat would fill the vacancy created when Larry Pritchett resigned Feb. 1.

Carroll repairs appliances and ran a local appliance store -- Carroll's Appliance -- for years in Rockland. Carroll was a Rockland representative on the Knox County Budget Committee from August 2013, when he was approved by the county commissioners, until he resigned in September 2015.

Magjik moved to Rockland six months ago from Bremerton, Wash., a community near Seattle. She lives on Main Street, and is an artist who specializes in sculptures and painting. She holds a master's degree in psychology and a bachelor's degree in fine art. She also provides whole person wellness services.

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Posted by: David E Myslabodski | Apr 27, 2017 00:57

Collaborative effort . . .  From the French collaborateur


Let me see: Vichy, Quisling, Tsolakoglou, Rupnik. . . .


So it seems that any candidate for Rockland's city council must follow the party line and become a collaborateur


So much for open debate and independent thinking . . . .

Posted by: Maggie Trout | Apr 26, 2017 13:54

That is a statement that must only come from the candidates themselves.  None of us can proclaim the reason why a resident chooses to make the attempt, let alone the basis being some manner of demonstrated "collaborative effort," besides which, I doubt people want bobble-head legislators.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Apr 26, 2017 09:29

The collaborative attitude of the council has drawn two newcomers to step out. AWESOME! Mr. Dorr, we will be lookin g for you again.
Image result for collaboration

Posted by: Sonja Sleeper | Apr 21, 2017 11:20

Why have a picture of the town hall? Wouldn't photo's of applicants be more appropriate? Or even a photo of the City Council chamber. Just wondering.

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