Tutors Teach Too!

By The Study Hall | Oct 30, 2019

There are some very special adults in the world who truly love spending time with adolescents.  As any parent of a teenager out there can tell you, it is not always easy to work with this age group.  Adults can have trouble restraining themselves from talking down to teens and being too authoritative.  But the opposite impulse can also be bad—trying too hard to be “one of them” and be a friend instead of an older counselor.

High school teachers usually negotiate the line very well, and we are very fortunate in this area to have a number of veteran (and some new) teachers who give 110% every day.  The biggest obstacle these fine teachers have is TIME.  How can they find enough time to talk individually and specifically to each student in a class?  How can they be sure that each student had long enough to digest a topic, get all his questions answered, and even spend a moment just thinking about the possibilities of where the new knowledge might lead?  Teachers do a great job, but they run out of time every day.

Tutors have a huge advantage.  We have an hour set aside, uninterrupted, focused and concentrated on one student and his/her needs.  Any teacher would be envious.  We can sit across the table from a student and watch him think.  We can pay close attention to the exact process of learning as it unfolds and offer the most helpful comments at the most opportune moment.

The tutors at The Study Hall care deeply about their students and seeing them succeed.  We get to know our students and how they learn.  We can be cheerleaders, drill sergeants or anything in between, depending on the circumstances.  Mostly we can be another resource—sometimes we just say the same thing the teacher did, but in a slightly different way or at a time that the student can absorb information more easily.

The tutors at The Study Hall are working at this job because we want to help young people.  Today a student went out the door after his appointment saying, “Thanks.  I knew I could understand this if I just had a chance to talk it over a bit with someone.  You really helped.  I learned it now.”   Comments like that are enough to make your day if you are one of those special adults who likes to work with teens!

Call The Study Hall today at 236-3949 or email rockport@thestudyhall.com if your student needs some extra time to learn and a trained tutor to work with.

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