Try These Chest And Triceps Exercise Suggestions

Sep 24, 2019
12:00 PM

The chest and triceps are important parts of your body. Doing chest and triceps exercises daily will make them stronger and ultimately will help to fill out your body. But, having proper knowledge regarding these exercises is important, so in this article, we have added the best chest and triceps exercises that you should do in order to be fit and healthy.

  • 45 Degree Chest Press With a Dumbbell: In order to get a good chest, you must do this exercise. To perform it, you need a bench. Lie back at 45-degree angle, and after that you have to lift the dumbbell to your shoulder height. Your palms should be faced away from you. Now breathe out and squeeze the chest with your both arms and then breathe in and return to the starting posture. Make four sets and do at least 10 times in each set. After completing one set, take 1-minute rest and start doing another set.

  • Bench Press: A bench press can be done with both machines and barbells. We recommend you to do it with dumbbells for the best outcome. First, you need a cushioned bench to do this. Just lie back and hold the barbells with your two arms and extend it as much as possible above your chest. Now take a breath and lower the barbells gradually until it comes closer to your chest, and then breathe out and push your arm upward and return it to your starting posture. This is one rep and you have to do it 10 times in one set. This exercise is perfect for chest and tricep muscles. For effective results, do 4 sets regularly.

  • Dumbbell Triceps Extension: This is another great exercise for triceps muscles. It is also a simple exercise, and you only need one dumbbell to perform it. Just hold a dumbbell with your both arms above the head and then gradually lower the dumbbell behind your head, then pull it upward and extend your arm, keeping the dumbbell as much as possible. This is one rep. Do at least 4 sets of each set for 10 reps.

  • Cable Rope Triceps Pushdown: Get a rope handle and attach it to the high blow of a cable station. Now hold the handle and lock your elbows at your sides. After that, lower your arms until they are extended and then go back to the starting posture. While lowering your arms, you will feel a tension in your triceps muscle, and that is the best part of this exercise; it entirely focuses on your triceps muscle. You have to keep in mind that none but your forearms should move.

  • Cable Crossover: This exercise is beneficial for your triceps muscle. Here, you need a stirrup handles and attach it to the high blows of a cable crossover machine. Now, take one handle in each arm and outstretch your arms with a little bend. After that, lean forward and place one foot slightly ahead of the other and start pulling the handles downwards, so it is across your body. After that, return to your starting posture. Do this daily at least 40 times to get strong tricep muscles.

So, start doing the above-mentioned chest and triceps exercises daily and make your body attractive.