Trust is vitally important

By Jan Dolcater | Jun 14, 2014

Whether you are in a family, business or other type of relationship, trust is a key element.

It is most important for all citizens to be able to trust our government and its leader when they present policies that affect all of us. In today’s rapidly changing environment, we are faced with many proposals and options that are far too often not clearly understood by a broad cross section of our population. Unfortunately, the current administration seems to lack the ability of being straightforward with the public when questionable situations arise, and as a result, trust in the government is placed in jeopardy.

The first example began in the early stages of the Obama administration, when the president stated in his discussion of the health care plans that, if this proposal became law, you could keep your current plan and your doctor if you preferred to do so. As time passed and the bill became law, the president reemphasized this and finalized it by saying all of this was true, period.

We also were emphatically told that we would receive significant premium reductions without losing any of the coverage that we had. Unfortunately, none of these statements was accurate and it became apparent that this was known prior to these statements being made to the public.

While these unpleasant circumstances were swirling around us, we found that the National Security Agency (NSA) was accumulating our phone calls and emails. Originally we were told this was only being done on suspected terrorists — in other words another falsehood. Without a doubt, this is an invasion of our individual privacy.

Next, there was an accusation that conservative non-profits were being hassled by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), when they applied to seek non-profit tax status. The response from the IRS was that a rogue group of agents in Cincinnati was responsible. After questioning various IRS senior officials, denials of any wrongdoing were expressed. However, the IRS commissioner resigned and the key official who was responsible for the oversight of this application procedure, Lois Lerner, refused to testify and took the Fifth Amendment. The president expressed outrage and stated that he would get to the bottom of this situation, but this problem still exists today. Again, trust and accountability are lacking.

This situation was still whirling around when the tragic September 11 attack on Benghazi took the lives of our ambassador and three other brave Americans. Outrage was again expressed, but as of this date, the perpetrators of this organized attack have never been apprehended.

This is difficult to understand as CNN and other news agencies have interviewed some of the most serious suspects. To make matters much more suspect, the administration had the gall to have our UN representative, Susan Rice, speak on five different Sunday shows saying that this incident was caused by an unflattering video of Muslims. Still two weeks after the September 11 incident, the president in an address to the United Nations again blamed the attack in Benghazi on this video.

It should also be remembered that as the caskets of the four dead American were received back into this country, the then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, also blamed the video for the tragedy. It is a fact that those on the ground, the CIA and military in the African Command all knew this was an organized terrorist attack, yet our administration continued to distort the truth. Obviously, we can clearly see a consistent pattern of deception, but now let us go further in this discussion of obstructing the truth.

The revelation of mismanagement and blatant fraud by officials of the Veterans Administration (VA) burst on to the scene. Originally, it was just in Phoenix, where approximately 40 veterans died unnecessarily while awaiting proper treatment. Then little by little, this scandal grew to 26 VA hospitals and now the current number is 46. Our president learned of this situation in the news. It is hard to comprehend this as reality as he had repeatedly said as far back as 2008 that it was a priority of his administration to examine and correct the problems that existed at the VA.

We have been told that he was madder than hell. However, it took more than two weeks for him to fire the sacrificial lamb, General Shensiki. He has done little or nothing to put forward plans to correct and alleviate this disgusting lack of follow-through. Both Democrats and Republicans share their frustrations with this situation.

Finally, all of us have now been exposed to the Rose Garden recognition of Sgt. Bergdahl’s parents and gratitude to the Taliban with the exchange of five members of their leadership. To cast additional veracity on this, Susan Rice, now the National Security Advisor, told the Sunday talk shows that Sgt. Bergdahl had served his country with honor and distinction. As more and more information emerges, it is obvious that, at best, Bergdahl was a deserter, and possibly a collaborator with the Taliban. Some may question this, but I ask you to consider that he left his outpost by going under the fence at his facility in rugged enemy territory with only food, water, a change of clothing and a cell phone. A note left by him expressed his disgust of the army and that he was considering relinquishing his American citizenship and wanted to start a new life. It is indeed frustrating to see the lack of honesty and the continued non-existence of accountability of anyone involved in this series of events.

Bear in mind I have not emphasized the total incompetent rollout and the weak excuses that followed of the “Affordable” Care Act, the phone tapping of the news services or the wire tapping of Fox reporter James Rosen and his family as other evidences of bending the truth.

A responsible leader builds confidence by exercising sound judgment and when errors occur expresses humility, asks for understanding and then provides corrective action. Frankly, it is difficult for me to understand how anyone with basic common sense can accept this maze of unanswered and uncorrected problems. It is obvious that truth to the American people is seriously lacking, but incompetence and arrogance are exhibited in abundance as well. Trust is earned by performance and not by having a fawning press that provides accolades or a group of Hollywood elites praising your efforts.

Frankly, I have enjoyed about all of this I can stand. What is your opinion? Have you had enough yet?

Another View is contributed by a group of concerned citizens, who meet each week in the Midcoast to discuss events of public interest.

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Posted by: Kenneth O Frederic | Jun 23, 2014 16:56

"..did NOT write...", "..delude and deceive..."?  These are called libel, Mr. Melchiskey because Jan DID write the article and because you have not provided 'even a smidgeon' of basis for either assertion.   I regret we don't punish libel on the internet but at least all fair minded readers cannot but conclude you are a hateful, hate-filled man devoid of ethics.  My basis is that there is absolutely nothing in Jan's article to have set off your vicious rant so we're left to conclude the motive is personal, as is the attack. 


Posted by: Dale E. Landrith Sr. | Jun 23, 2014 15:16

Mr. Melchiskey does not think that a group of concerned citizens from Mid-Coast Maine have the intelligence or ability to write their own articles.

Mr. Melchiskey, you can be sure that each and every article that has been written under the "Another View" heading, since we began in early January, has been written entirely by the person whose name appeared in the byline, which includes the above article by Jan Dolcater..  Our group of 8-9 individuals meets every week and discusses local to national issues that are relevant to our area.

Our purpose for coming together was to create awareness and discussion of topics that are meaningful to our local citizenry.  Awareness and discussion in our topics do not include name-calling, deriding, and belittling of other individuals and we would ask the same from those who disagree.  We are all entitled to our views and opinions and the ability to express them as are those who disagree with us.

We are conservative and are not ashamed of it.  This means that we believe that our republic form of government is best for a free people, we believe in nobility of the individual and their right to live free and happy lives under this republic, and we believe that much of local, state, and national government is on the wrong path.  This does not make us hateful, untruthful, or duplicitous.

For Mr. Melchiskey to state that Jan Dolcater did not write his own article is just plain not true.  Are we engaged in subterfuge? No!  We are completely transparent.  If you would like to know the membership of "Another View", then just write down the name on the byline each week.  The source of our information is in our ability to gather information by the internet, national news, publications, blogs, and other public sources.

We do not hide that we are expressing our opinions as is expressed by the title of our articles, "Another View", and by the fact that they appear on the opinion page of the publications.

Posted by: Stephen J. Melchiskey | Jun 21, 2014 19:30

Note that Jon Dolcater has NOT authored this article as is indicated by the byline but if the italics at the end of the article are read it is clear the that the article is “contributed by a group of concerned citizens who meet each week to discuss events of public interest”.

Why then the subterfuge? A good guess is that these so called  “concerned citizens” do not want the public to know who wrote this particular article and are passing it off as something written by a group of unbiased, objective observers and not perhaps some right wing think tank set out to delude and deceive the American public.

It would both be helpful and truthful if this group would shine the light of day and inform the reader the source of their contributions and discontinue passing it off under false colors. If trust is so important as the article is so entitled then full disclosure should not be much of a problem

Posted by: Kenneth O Frederic | Jun 19, 2014 07:32

Jan's warnings are all the more appropriate now that we've had the IRS tell us the e-mails are missing (impossible without a concerted effort to scrub multiple servers and destroy the backups) and the Patent Office has 'decided' after 75 years that the name "Redskins" is offensive.  This regime has corrupted the integrity of every department turning them into weapons against political opposition.  What baffles me is that only 54% of the people recognize Obama is incapable of doing his job and (statistically) Democrats still insist as a block that he's doing a good job.  It seems to me legitimate to draw conclusions about the integrity and the intentions of those who stubbornly continue refusing to acknowledge Obama's willfully failed Presidency.

Posted by: Susan P Reitman | Jun 16, 2014 15:05

I had enough of OBAMA before he was elected.  All you had to do was listen to Rev. Wright's rantings, OBAMA'S pastor for 20 years who married OBAMA and his wife.  OBAMA reminded me of Hitler with his manipulation of the masses with his "Sliver Tongued Speeches"  I still cannot believe the majority of American's voted for this man.  Personally I believe he is a puppet for Louis Farrakhan and his kind and out to destroy this country.  For months now I have been begging members of the Senate and House to file articles of IMPEACHMENT OF AGAINST OBAMA.  Finally you are starting to hear the word IMPEACHMENT by some politicians and it is about time.  Nothing can be done though until the 2014 elections.  If the Republicans can take control of the Senate then just maybe we will IMPEACH OBAMA and get him out of office before he completely ruins this country.  Of course now because of OBAMA failed polices on terrorists we may be BLOWN TO HELL and won't have to worry about the worst president this country has seen.  The American people had better wake up.  The WAR ON TERROR is not like World War II, the Korean War, or the Vietnam War.  This country will be involved in the War on Terror for the rest of time because the terrorists hate us and they will not stop look what is happening in IRAQ and mark my words there will be another attack on the USA to equal 9/11 or worse.  OBAMA should have never removed our troops from IRAQ.  My immediate worry is that ISIS will make their way to our Embassy in Bagdad before we can get our citizens out of there and there will be a blood bath involving our citizens.  Those people who have their heads in the sand and are too naive to understand or care about what is happening had better wake up.  In the election for President in 2016 please research the candidates and use your critical thinking skills before you cast your ballot.

Posted by: Catherine Cooper | Jun 16, 2014 13:40

Great post Jan! I "stole" it and put it up on Facebook! Thanks for being a fellow Patriot!

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