Truck strikes SUV, building on Rockland Main Street

By Stephen Betts | Apr 14, 2017
Photo by: Stephen Betts A truck struck a Main Street building Friday afternoon in Rockland.

Rockland — A landscaping truck slammed into a sports utility vehicle and then a Main Street restaurant Friday afternoon, April 14.

There were no injuries, according to police, but pedestrians had been on the sidewalk moments before the truck from Doug Fales Selective Cutting and Landscaping slammed into 415 Main St., which is occupied by In Good Company.

Fire department officials and the city's code enforcement officer were at the scene to assess the damage to the building. There appeared to be no serious structural damage, but there was damage to the exterior.

A sports utility vehicle parked on Main Street in front of the building was heavily damaged.

The vehicle's owner, Janna Eggen, said she was in her office at PALS for Living when she heard the crash and felt the building shake. She went down to the street and found the damage to her vehicle.

She said police told her the driver of the truck had fallen asleep.

Police said they would release information on the crash later in the day.

The crash occurred at about 2 p.m. and Main Street traffic was being re-routed by police.

(Photo by: Stephen Betts)
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Posted by: Maggie Trout | Apr 15, 2017 15:28

I appreciate knowing of Barnard's concerns.  25 mph through Main Street is too fast, given all the crosswalks and large vehicles often parked adjacent to them, which obliterate seeing pedestrians.  There needs to be more enforcement.  -- Just because it is so unusual not to have a name associated with a story, it is noticeable that there is no name given for the driver of the truck.  Unusual.

Posted by: Lynne A Barnard | Apr 15, 2017 14:59

As a resident of Main Street, I have as recently as just last week (on Thursday, 06 April) called our Rockland Police Department regarding the use of Main Street (north bound) by variety of vehicles (including motorcycles) which are using the stretch between the traffic lights at Tillson Ave. and Maverick St. as a raceway.  They are traveling at speeds far exceeding the posted limit of 25 mph (sometimes I estimate at 50 to 60 mph) and many have modified exhaust systems which exceed the noise levels allowed by law.  I have suggested that the RPD, at the very least, park a squad car at an alley to catch these guys or slow them down before someone gets hurt or run over and killed which could have happened yesterday.  I intend to call the RPD regularly but hope others will join in this effort -- after all, next week we'll have children on vacation and families trying to enjoy Easter week together as they visit our downtown.

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Apr 15, 2017 09:16

He was out all night plowing snow?

Posted by: Carol W Bachofner | Apr 14, 2017 20:18

how does a driver fall asleep at 2 PM ?  narcolepsy? if so, should not be driving... so scary

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