Trends Changing Jet Travel

By Jennifer Noble | Aug 10, 2017

To get a cab a couple of years ago, you were required to stand at the side of the road and hope that one came along. After spotting one, you had to use one of the many signs that indicated that you were a potential customer. There were some unlucky moments, like when you had to fight for a cab with someone else or had to wait for a very long time in the middle of the night. Since then, Uber has revolutionized the industry, and now, you can get a cab from wherever at whatever time.


Private jet travel is currently going through a revolution. While some people are actively looking for promotions to give them access to cheaper plane tickets, others cannot imagine traveling anywhere in anything but business class. Some people, on the other hand, prefer private jet travel. There has been a number of revolutionary changes in this industry. Some of the current trends changing private jet travel are explained below.


1) The use of apps


Imagine an Uber app, but one that deals in the booking of private jets. Initially, to book a flight, you required a broker who was the link between you and the concerned company. The demerit with brokers is that it could take days to book a flight as a lot of factors had to be taken into account. Now with the development of private jet apps, this is all set to change.

2) Partnerships


This year, we will get to see partnerships between private jet airlines, hotels, and other businesses. The relationship between customers and private airlines will be more than the traditional one, where the flight provider abandons clients as soon they reach their destination. With partnerships, the customers will get to enjoy VIP treatments wherever the airline makes a booking on their behalf, be it at a hotel, on a ski trip, or as part of a golf game. Some airlines have also partnered with private security companies to provide security for any customer who wants the service.


3) Traveling as a group


Using a private jet is quite costly. So, another craze that is now common in private jet use is group travel. Some airlines provide customers with ways to build their own groups. This way, clients can book whole airplanes. Then, via the airline's apps, you can have others join in on your flight, hence reducing the costs.


4) Commercial airlines going private


Most commercial airlines do not use all their aircraft at the same time. A trend expected this year is that some of these commercial airlines might dabble in private charters using planes that are not in use. This way, the airlines will get to collect more revenue out of the aircraft that would otherwise have been idle.


5) Customization


Buying a private jet now allows you to customize it right from the floor plans, showers, bedrooms, lounges, and mini theater. It is high-priced, but at the end of the day, the luxury and uniqueness are worth the cost.


The fanciest private jets in the world


In most economically stable countries, the heads of state own private jets that they use to travel within their country and internationally. A full list of the fanciest private jets that the top world leaders own or use is now available. The top three fanciest and most expensive private jets in the world are:


a) Donald Trump's Air Force One


To the winner goes the spoils, and this is the $1 billion private jet that President Donald Trump uses for all his business trips and meetings.


b) Vladimir Putin’s IL-96-300PU


The Russian president's private jet comes second only to Air Force One, both in design and value, as is estimated to be worth $500 million.


c) The Qatar of Emir's Fleet


Qatar's emir owns a fleet of planes that are estimated to be worth about $1.5 billion. It comes as no surprise, seeing as he is one of the wealthiest people on earth.


The current trends in private jet travel make the access and booking of these aircraft much easier. These trends may eventually lead to reduced costs of private jet travel, but one thing is for sure, they have resulted in increased efficiency and luxury for the users of the service.

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