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Transfer station board seeks to clarify sticky sticker issues

Used tractor purchased
By Beth A. Birmingham | Feb 05, 2019
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham Chairman of the Owls Head-South Thomaston-Thomaston Cooperative Transfer Station board Bruce Colson leads a discussion on new sticker policies during a meeting Jan. 31.

Owls Head — At its Jan. 31 meeting, the Owls Head-South Thomaston-Thomaston Solid Waste board of directors attempted to iron out some of the issues that have come up since new dump sticker policies were initiated in October.

Of particular concern were how to monitor situations involving multiple heirs or tenants of a property wanting to use the facility, as well as how to deal with rental car situations.

It was decided that each heir/tenant had to purchase a sticker after having their residency, of whatever length, verified by the property owner.

Regarding rental cars, the question was posed as to what should happen when an individual who already had a sticker affixed to a vehicle needed to rent a larger vehicle in order to transport items to the facility.

"If they go anywhere else, they'll have to pay a dumping fee," Facility Manager Reggie Vokes said.

Another issue was how to deal with residents who had a sticker on their vehicle, but were having the vehicle repaired, and so had to use a rental car. One solution suggested was to devise a certificate with the sticker number and an expiration date.

Then there was the situation where a windshield must be replaced, and it was pointed out that in that case the owner must purchase another inspection sticker, so why shouldn't they be required to do the same for a dump sticker?

Owls Head representative Gordon Page said if someone loses a key to their post office box, they must pay a fee to replace it. "There are any number of variables that could happen," Page said. "You could drive yourselves crazy."

Vokes said, "At some point, you're going to have to invoke some common sense." He noted the biggest concern should be the truck- and trailer-loads that are being dumped in the oversized containers, and making sure policies already in place are being followed.

After discussing the options, the board decided to table setting any further policies.

"The devil's in the details," attorney Patrick Mellor said.

In a prior correspondence, Chairman Bruce Colson clarified one other issue the transfer station has dealt with.

Regarding part-time residents, forms verifying residency within the three town borders can be a vehicle registration, current tax bill, a utility bill with the address on it, or some other legal form that identifies the individual as a taxpayer or someone with some legal interest in at least one of  the three towns.

"People who have property in these three towns pay a property tax; a portion of those taxes go to the operating cost of our facility," Colson said. "It has been the goal of the board of directors to make sure the items being deposited at our facility are generated within the borders of our three towns."

Once it has been established that an individual or individuals are entitled to purchase one or more stickers, the stickers are recorded to a vehicle plate registration, and cataloged by sticker number.

The sticker is to be placed on the windshield at the lower left-hand side to the right of the inspection sticker by transfer station personnel.

In other business

The board agreed to purchase a 2003 Kubota 43 horse power tractor for use at the facility.

The one-owner tractor was inspected by Union Farm Equipment.

Vokes said he was able to get the piece of equipment for $15,000, down from the original asking price of $17,500, and it will cost another $1,000 for any needed upgrades, with the monies coming out of the transfer station budget.

The board will meet Thursday, Feb. 7, at 6 p.m. at the Owls Head Community Building to review plans for the transfer station renovations.

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