TRAK looks to continue tradition, seeks new leadership

By Beth A. Birmingham | Oct 04, 2017
Courtesy of: Prudy Netzong Area residents gather at the 2015 Thanksgiving Dinner provided by Thomaston Random Acts of Kindness or TRAK. The organization is seeking new leadership to carry on the tradition and rejuvenate the organization.

Thomaston — A small group known as Thomaston Random Acts of Kindness Committee or TRAK is seeking new leadership, according to Chairman Prudy Netzong.

Netzong and husband Phil have been involved in the community organization for more than a decade, and are looking for someone to hand the proverbial turkey baster to.

The organization invites local residents, who may be without family, to join together for a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner.

"At last year’s Thanksgiving Dinner, I announced that my husband Phil and I had made the difficult decision that that dinner would be the last one we organized and hoped someone or another group would take the turkey baster and continue providing a dinner for the citizens of Thomaston," Netzong said.

She said people have enjoyed the camaraderie and abundant food offerings.

"I especially enjoyed organizing it and doing some of the cooking," Netzong explained, but said it is time for new leadership.

The dinner, held at the Federated Church on Hyler Street, is served family-style with as many as 70 to 80 attendees and volunteers.

"It's a family day to share," she said.

To date, no one has stepped forward to take over, but Netzong said it's not too late.

She said they are more than happy to provide guidance, advice, and sources to whomever would like to continue the tradition.

Netzong said there are vendors they work with each year: Thomaston Grocery donates rolls; Dorman's supplies ice cream; Dunkin Donuts provides coffee; and Beth's Farm Market donates fresh cider.

She said the organization has found it easier to buy most of the items for dinner through a good will offering each year. Pies and other desserts are donated by community members as well.

"Thanksgiving is more than a dinner," Netzong said in the town newsletter, "It is a family day, and we are striving to make the day a 'family' day for all who come by."

Anyone wishing to step forward and keep the TRAK tradition and organization going is asked to email Netzong at or call 354-0938.





TRAK Chairman Prudy Netzong is ready to hand off the turkey baster to a new leader. (Courtesy of: Prudy Netzong)
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Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Oct 04, 2017 11:47

Thanks for the encouraging article. Love the picture of Mrs. Netzong passing on the turkey baster.  So many fine people in Thomaston someone is sure to step up now the word is out.  Is it YOU??
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