Town takes action to end abuse of public sand

By Sarah E. Reynolds | Jan 17, 2014
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Hope — Selectmen heard from Farley & Sons, the town's current provider of winter road maintenance, at their meeting Tuesday, Jan. 14.

The town is already preparing its Request for Proposals (RFP) for next year's winter maintenance bid, said Town Administrator Jon Duke, because selectmen and the Budget Committee agreed they wanted to know earlier in the year what that cost would be. He said the town contracts for plowing and sanding of roads for three years at a time, with an option to extend the contract for up to an additional two years. Farley has had the contract for the last five years, and Duke said the town has been satisfied with its work.

“I would say we've had a pretty successful year … and a pretty successful run,” he said of the contract term now coming to an end.

Duke anticipates that the new RFP will be out in February.

The Board also took action on another matter related to winter maintenance. In response to a problem with residents – and even non-residents – taking more sand for their private use than they are entitled to, Duke said sand for public use would be located outside to the right of the town sand shed, which will now be off-limits to anyone not authorized to be there. Duke said the sand shed will now be locked, unless road crews are out maintaining the roads.

A sign will be erected stating that sand is for residents, with a limit of two buckets of sand per storm, and users will be on their honor to adhere to the rules.

If there continues to be a problem, Duke said, the town would consider getting the Knox County Sheriff's Office involved.

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Posted by: JENNY CAMPBELL | Jan 19, 2014 10:54

Sign sure... has not worked in Warren :( never any sand when we go up... and yes I am a taxpayer that lives on a unmaintained /not a recognized town road. All we want is a little sand for our driveway. NOT the whole road and there is never any there. We get no mail delivery if the road is not sanded, do we all go get sand to sand the road .... well we went a whole week with out delivery of mail before Christmas, so if that answers your questions... I am wondering why Cooper rd. is sanded so much? I saw a young man out there the other day cleaning some of it up to reuse in his driveway> SMART I would say !! Vent over !!


Posted by: Martha Johnston-Nash | Jan 18, 2014 17:07

Gee, citizens taking advantage of "free" stuff from government? Why don't we just follow the Legislature's lead, and simply increase it instead??

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Jan 18, 2014 08:58

Posting a sign.....That'll work.

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