Total Solar Eclipse today over South America. How will it affect you? Mercury retrograde July 7-31.

Jul 02, 2019

Today there is a total Solar Eclipse taking place. We won’t be able to view it, unless of course we see it on the computer or on TV. It is focused in South America. You may have already known this from the news media, and it is not fake news.


Astrologically speaking about this eclipse finds that the position of the Sun Moon and North Node (close by) are at 10 degrees of Cancer with the North Node at 17 degrees Cancer retrograde. If you know something about your natal chart, then look to where 10 degrees (& 17 degrees) of Cancer is located in your chart- which house is it located in? This will be the focus for the month and perhaps for as much as 6 months. There are 12 houses in an astrological chart divided up like a pie. Example: 6th house has to do with our issues with health, healing, dependents, animals, our pets, our mentors, and also our relationships with our co-workers. The 7th house has to do with personal one on one relationships and also what is known as “lower courts.”  The 9th house has to do with “long distance travels,” philosophy, all studies beyond high school, religion, religious upbringing and how that affected you. I also think of this house as pointing to studying abroad or taking workshop courses in spiritual healing (beliefs which hinder, to be undone) and finding the pathway to enlightenment- Oneness with God, which of course is the deepest desire within all of us. Those are a few examples. It does help to have an astrologer guide and direct you to understanding your own astrological chart for self improvement and release from the past which might have been traumatic. Astrology offers a “tip” as to what could potentially occur so that you (and I) can make rational decisions rather than emotionally based decisions that stem from old unhealed emotional wounds from the past. Did I say “past?”


This Eclipse in Cancer presents us with dealings from the past having to do with our family issues. You may feel you still have more work to do to forgive yourself or others from the past which have brought up resentment within your mind. This is not pleasant . Do turn for help where you can get it important with what gets ignited (like fireworks) from the energy/frequency of this eclipse. Who can explain this cosmic science- it’s beyond rational understanding, it just simply works. This I have observed over and over again since my studies began in 1973 in Boston with meditation teacher and "The Grand old Dame of Astrology,"  Isabel Hickey.


Being loyal or patriotic has much to do with the energy of Cancer. We will no doubt hear this word over and over this week. My thought on patriotism is to be loyal to Divine Love, and do what I can to remove any thoughts that may hinder this. The love we feel within, is not ours, it comes from God. God is Love, it’s a fact. That Love is indeed the glue of the atoms and neutrons that make up life within all of us… including the plants, flowers, the air, the animals, people, space, wind, oceans water, dirt, its all Life Force which could not be, if it were not for God. What is God? Beyond definition.  Beyond our minds capacity to define. We can only guess and imagine and ….even that is not really good enough. We imagine God in our likeness rather than us in God’s likeness- because we can’t view ourselves from THAT perspective, can we? Accepting that we just don’t know, is ok for me. God is. That’s real. Our Creator, Our Father.

May your eclipse experience prove to be an,  “Ah Ha” for you.*

It is precise according to the mathematically calculated Ephemeris

at 3:16 p.m. today, for the east coast of America.


Mercury turns retrograde on July 7 at 7:15 p.m. until July 31 at 11:58 p.m. midnight. If you read my column in the Free Press last week, I had made a mistake and said that Mercury was already retrograde. That is a mistake.


Get ready for Mercury being retrograde  by taking super good care of your car/truck/SUV also computer, electrical tools, machinery, and also communications with others. I imagine car mechanics being busier than usual. This is NOT the time to make assumptions. It would mess up understanding.  Example: you might think to meet your friend at 3 p.m. when he or she thought you agreed to meet at 3:30 p.m. This is typical. If you’re flying somewhere bring a good book, because your flight could be delayed. Also signing a legal document can be tricky while Mercury is retrograde. Make sure everything is correct before you sign. These are a few examples. Also don’t forget that while Mercury is retrograde there are bound to be delays and obstacles in daily living that can create frustration. Knowing this fact helps us all to relax.

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