total lunar eclipse April 15th at 3:43am and more to come in April 2014 astrologically speaking that is what's it here.

By ananur forma | May 01, 2014

April 14-25 Mars is now in a difficult aspect to Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

This is a very challenging time for all of us. Many are angry. Try not to get caught up in the anger it will only add to it. Changes will come from this time period.


April 14-16 the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) is being felt and your mood could be shaky and unstable. Mercury in Aries is in an “opposition aspect,” to Mars, which is always about arguments and conflict. Speaking out and not really listening to others is part of the problem. Not even being willing to hear the other does not help. Mediation would be ideal. Minds are quickened and words come out fast which cause more trouble.


April 15 the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) takes places at precisely 3:43 a.m. at the same time that there is a grand cross going on. “A grand cross,” consists of  4 or more planets in challenging aspects to each other which at this time includes: Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus. This suggests more conflict to be dealt with. What is called for is deep inner peace in order to see clearly and know that out of all the chaos will come the birthing of something new and better. This is when meditation is most helpful.


April 15-18 Venus is making some very fine aspects to Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Taking action because love is motivating you is what feels correct to you. It’s helpful to know that these fine aspects are taking place at the same time as the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon). There’s hope for a positive outcome.


April 18 is one of those days that you would do better by just turning over and going back to sleep. Mercury is awkwardly aspecting Saturn and Neptune suggesting criticism and a serious outlook aid in creating a downward spiral mentally. Also Venus is awkwardly aspecting Mars. Making it hard to compromise or give a little bit more for the sake of harmony.



April 19 the Sun will leave Aries and enter into earthy Taurus at 11:56 p.m. Following through on projects that you started while the Sun was in Aries is what works. Taurus is so good at being steadfast and persistent with making sure the good ideas that were launched remain alive and well. During this time it’s helpful to honor your receptive side. While the Sun was in Aries (March 20-April 19) the natural urge was to be more assertive and gregarious. Now that has shifted and it’s healthy to pay attention to your surrounding and use your 5 senses to increase your personal awareness. The Sun remains in Taurus until it enters Gemini on 20th.


April 25-27 there are spiritual blessings released cosmically because the Sun is now in a positive aspect with Neptune. Praying and meditating on world peace and peace within each one of us is what is called for. Music that uplifts you will be attracting you.


April 27-30 Mercury is in positive aspects with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. This aspect is somehow going to bring about helpful ideas to heal the wounds from the conflicts we’ve been dealing with. Read and search for innovative individuals who are stepping up to the plate and making the difference. It could be you, maybe it is.


April 28 here we go with one more aspect (this month) suggesting tension due to impatience and inability to really listen to what is being said. Try your best not to blurt out thoughts which come from emotional wounds within you. It may seem like you’re speaking from your principles but it really when boiled down has to do with old emotional wounds. Observe your thoughts and think about it. The world is a kind of mirror reflecting this back to us. Mercury is in a difficult aspect with Mars which increases impatience and anger.


April 29 is the Solar Eclipse (New Moon) at 2:14 a.m. eastern time zone with the Sun and Moon at 8 degrees of Taurus, also nicely aspecting Jupiter in Cancer and  Neptune in Pisces. Here is an indicator that we are moving into a healing phase after having gone through so much turmoil and instability this month. It’s time to calm down and be open to noticing what is transpiring. It may be better than you thought possible.


April 30-May 3 the Sun will be in a favorable aspect to Pluto. This aspect is always offering transformation and regeneration when it occurs. The last time it took place was August 28-September 3, 2013 and the next time will be September 1-6, 2014.

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