Top 10 Ways to Enhance Your PC Experience

By Jennifer Noble | Sep 13, 2017

Some people are casual PC gamers who only open up their favorite PC game a couple of times a month. Some people are serious PC gamers that live and breathe for their gaming experience. Some of you may fall in between those two extremes. Regardless of your gaming habits, these 10 tricks on how to enhance your PC gaming experience will completely revolutionize the way you play games on your PC forever.


1. Invest In A Gaming Mouse

While your PC's factory default mouse will adequately service all of your mundane computing needs, it will in no way allow you to fully enjoy your gaming experience. Most PC games require multiple button combinations and complex strategies to efficiently advance in the game. A proper gaming mouse will have multiple buttons and optical tracking.


2. Buy A Powerful Graphics Card

As PC games become more visually advanced, our need for high-performance graphics cards increases exponentially. It will only take one or two years for a top-of-the-line graphics card to be considered an ancient relic by current gaming standards. Always keep up with the latest in tech news to learn what the modifications of newly released games will require of your current graphics card.


3. Overclock Your Video Card

This option is only for the daredevils of the gaming world. Overclocking your graphics card is when you manually tweak your graphics card settings to push it beyond its factory-set limitations to increase your gaming performance without having to pay for a newer graphics card. Proceed with caution.


4. Take Advantage of Game Sales

There are multiple online stores which deal specifically in the sale of video games. These online stores will have sales during the year. Sometimes the sales will fall on a nationally recognized holiday, such as Cyber Monday, or the sales will happen randomly throughout the year based on changes in stocks and new releases.


5. Optimize Video Settings

This is something you can do manually within each of your PC games. Simply go the main menu of your game, find the option that lets you change video or graphics settings, and tweak the controls until you've optimized the settings to your preference. Some video setting changes will require the game to be restarted before taking effect.


6. Organize Game Library

We've all done this. We find a game we like, download it into some random folder, and forget all about it for months. Then one day we remember we downloaded it and go to play it but can't find where it is. One way to solve this is to do a comprehensive search of your hard drive, find all of your games, and store them in one folder. There are even applications which will help you search for and organize your PC game files.


7. Buy a Modified Gaming Keyboard

There are multiple types of keyboards that are built to excel at specific purposes. Most PC computers come with a standard factory default keyboard that's not optimal for gaming. There are gaming-specific keyboards available that have mechanical buttons, LED displays, extra controls, and additional modifications.


8. Gaming Chair For Extended Sitting

When you find a game that you enjoy playing, you will find that time passes very quickly. A great game can easily entertain you for hours. If you plan on diving into some long, involved games, you will need a very comfortable computer chair. Gaming chairs are specifically designed to offer comfort, support, and promote circulation for long periods of sitting.


9. Gaming Desk To Improve The Gaming Experience

While you're in the process of updating your physical gaming setup, you should definitely look into purchasing a computer desk specifically designed for gaming. A good gaming computer desk is crucial to not only properly support your heavy gaming system, but to also provide maximum comfort for optimal gaming performance.


10. Download Game Mods

Game modifications are available for almost every game in existence and can be downloaded for free, most of the time. Game modifications are programs written by an outside third party, usually by a very creative player of said game, to enhance the experience of the game in some way. There are websites that collect all game modification programs released on the internet and make them available to their users.


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