today it happened President Trump has announced due to his recent accident.............

By ananur forma | Apr 01, 2017

Today it happened!


President Donald Trump accidently fell down some stairs and hit his head.

Big headlines!!!



At that time he said, “I went towards the Light, it was so bright and Loving I was drawn into the Divine Mother’s arms relaxed and comforted, I felt Love that I have never experienced before here, in the material world. I never wanted to leave. Some sort of Angelic Being of Light/Spirit with no real form appeared then…asked me if I wanted to stay… or go back to earthy life?”


“ I couldn’t answer for what seemed like a long time. finally I humbly said, “Yes…. I will go back and bring this Love to the material world as I have an important role to play, as President of the USA.”


He went on to share, “When I returned I called an emergency meeting and have just now donated 5 billion of my own money to help homeless people, people with health issues without insurance, and countless others who are struggling. I feel such compassion now. I also decided to bring about world disarmament of nuclear weapons immediately and I am happy with these decisions. My heart is singing with JOY.”  It’s April Fools Day…………not real.  Only  joking.


Speaking from my Heart, this is  what I wish was real/reality. Signed Ananur

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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Apr 02, 2017 16:35

Me too Carol!


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