To our readers

Feb 05, 2019

Dear Readers,

For more than 150 years, residents of Midcoast Maine have looked to our publications for the news that was vital to them, ranging from politics and breaking spot news incidents to stories about business and portraits of everyday life.

We continue to offer these stories today, including comprehensive coverage of local government, school administration, courts and crime, the arts, local sports and obituaries. On the editorial pages we take stands on important issues while inviting members of the community to send in their letters. We also provide a community bulletin board for local organizations to announce their important coming events.

Without strong, independent journalism, a community would have no full-time, professional watchdogs to hold government officials, corporations and authorities accountable. This role is vital to the maintenance of democracy, which starts at the local level.

In addition to that, Courier Publications continues to be a major employer in the area, providing jobs to about 40 of your friends and neighbors.

Gathering, writing, printing and distributing the news comes at a cost in time, resources and money. The only way quality journalism can survive is if it is supported by members of the community.

To keep up with those costs, we find it necessary to increase our prices by about 50 cents per issue. Our newsstand price has increased to $1.75 plus tax. Ask yourself, what item that you buy from week to week has not seen a price increase in the last five or more years?

We appreciate the support you have given us over the years and look forward to continuing to serve as your community news source.

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Posted by: Doug Curtis Jr. | Feb 06, 2019 20:10

A good point about rising costs.  Perhaps not week to week but rather month to month I can not think of a commissioned based mutual fund that has increased in price in 25 years.

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