Tips To Sell Your Wrecked Vehicle At Best Price

By Mike Krieger | Dec 13, 2017

It is always a difficult job to sell your used vehicle, but it may get tougher when the vehicle is damaged. If your car is not in a healthy condition, you may find it pretty difficult to find a potential buyer for it. There are many people who do not inform the buyer of the damages that their car has and end up in trouble later. Though it won’t be easy as selling a car that is in good health but with the right steps and planning, you can sell your damaged vehicle easily.


Identify Your Car

To sell your damaged car you first need to see how old and wrecked it is. To do so you can classify your car into one of these categories:

  1. Older Model: If you have had the car from 10 to 20 years or let’s say that you bought them from 1995 to 2005, it would be categorized as an older model car. These cars can be comparatively less valuable.
  2. Late Models: If you have had the car that is ten years old, it can be categorized into a late model.
  3. Niche Vehicles: These are the vehicles that are high end and very costly.
  4. Junkers: These are usually the least valuable and older than 1992.

How to Sell?

  1. Insurance Company: If you have decided to sell out your car and it is partially or fully damaged, one of the best ways to do it by settling with an insurance company. This usually turns up as a good option as the insurance company can really earn a profit by selling your car.
  2. Vehicle Auctions: Here the buyers are an intermediary between insurance companies and the end users. You can get a long list of potential buyers who would be bidding for your car in the auction and you may also end up making more money than you could have made with the insurance company.
  3. Salvage Yards: there are no middlemen when you decide to sell your car to a yard. They may dismantle your car and sell the parts of the vehicle to potential buyers. If the metal market is good and you know a good party who would buy your car, you may make much more money than you could at an auction.
  4. Haulers/Tow Companies: These guys will buy your car and won’t dismantle it but rather sell it to an auction or yard. If you are not able to sell your car, turning to haulers or tow companies can be a good option.

Sell Your Car

For making the selling easy, you can make a list of the repair that your car needs and take pictures of the damages and then repair them to make your car worthy enough to sell. Be sure to set a price and stick on that until you find a buyer. You can look for online car selling options like Sell The Car USA.

Be honest about the damage in your car when you sell it. With these tips and guidelines, it would make your car selling much easier.

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