Tips to land your first aviation job

By Jennifer Noble | Oct 11, 2017

If you love the field of aviation and know that you want to cultivate a career in this dynamic sector, you may have given consideration to applying for your first job soon. If this is the case, it's important to know that there are several tips and tricks you can implement to help you land a job that will get your career off to an amazing start. Here are six of them:

1. Know The Educational And/Or Certification Requirements.

Your first step to landing a great aviation job is knowing the educational and/or certification requirements that the position demands. As noted in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, commercial pilots will need a diploma from high school or its equivalent. On the other hand, airline pilots will generally need to obtain a bachelor's degree. Be sure to do research on the company website to determine whether there are any other specific requirements you must meet to qualify for the aviation position you want.

2. Complete An Internship.

One great way to help you land a great aviation job is completing an internship. As many career experts know, employers will oftentimes hire interns who do an exemplary job. Even if this doesn't happen, internships function as a wonderful networking opportunity through which you can learn about job openings and develop strong, positive relationships with other people who work in your field. Visit a website such as to learn whether there are any aviation-related internships in your local area.

3. Utilize Career Services.

Many colleges provide students with free career services. If you're a college student and these complimentary services are available, be sure to use them. Career service centers are known for offering helpful assistance with things like resume preparation and mock interviews. In some cases, the representatives from career services facilities learn about job openings before they are announced through other venues. As such, developing great working relationships with representatives from these facilities can be the key to helping you land an interview!

4. Use Online Resources.

In addition to utilizing career services, make sure that you tap into the power of conducting your job search via internet. There is now a wide range of wonderful digital-based job search sites through which you can gain information about aviation positions. One website specific to travel jobs you may want to use is Airployment.

5. Spruce Yourself Up.

Once you've implemented all the strategies necessary to obtain an interview, it's time to prepare for it. While appearance isn't everything, you should know that sprucing yourself up can give you an edge over candidates who don't go the extra mile with things like buying a new suit, getting a facial, or having their hair professionally styled for the interview. Looking great indicates that you take pride in your appearance and would represent the company well, so don't overlook the value of this strategy.

6. Send A Thank You Note After The Interview.

Once the interview is over, make sure that you send a thank you note to the person who conducted it. This strategy is important and effective for at least two reasons. First, it demonstrates that you are a polite, thoughtful person who understands principles of socialization like the need to demonstrate good etiquette. Second, this strategy puts you back in the mind of the person who conducted the interview and can help you stand out amongst candidates who didn't take this extra step.

Find The Perfect Aviation Job Soon!

If aviation is your passion and you're currently seeking a position as a pilot, now is the time to start your job search. Utilize some or all of the tips outlined above to increase your likelihood of landing the position that will lead to personal fulfillment and professional success!


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