Tips to Enjoy a Stronger Cell Phone Signal

By Jennifer Noble | Mar 13, 2018

A lot of people constantly spend time on their smartphones, since these devices are used for much more than calling someone. Most people spend hours on their smartphones texting, browsing the internet, sending emails, and watching live media streams. However, in order to do all of this, you will need to have a strong cell phone signal. If you’ve been experiencing problems with your cell phone reception, then you can try these tips to boost your cell phone signal.

Keep Your Battery Full

You will have a hard time finding a signal if your battery is low. Keep in mind that you will need a constant supply of power to connect to a cell tower, which is why you should make sure to charge your battery whenever you can. Of course, you can also try using certain techniques to conserve battery power like lowering screen brightness and turning off push notifications. It’s also a good idea to close unused apps that are working in the background and update to the latest firmware in order to make your battery last longer.

Use Signal Boosters

In case you’re constantly getting a bad cell phone signal in your home, you should consider purchasing a signal booster. This is a system that basically takes an existing outside signal and brings it inside of your house. It increases the power of the signal and broadcasts it to every part of your home. You should only get a signal booster if you’re getting at least some signal, since it won’t really help you if you live in an area with little to no coverage. It’s best to get a signal booster from a reputable manufacturer like Surecall.

Use Wi-Fi

Every smartphone on the market today allows Wi-Fi texting and calling, which means that you will still have a chance to stay in contact with everyone even if you’re getting bad reception. Keep in mind that there are a lot of different messaging apps that have the option of audio and video calling. So, the next time that you get a bad cell phone signal, you can switch to Wi-Fi.

Avoid Highly Populated Areas

Chances are that you were either at a music festival or a baseball match the last time you had a dropped call on your phone. When thousands of people try to access a cell phone tower at once, you’re bound to experience bad reception. Some of the most common problems linked to highly populated areas include stuck text messages, slow internet, dropped calls, poor call quality, and incredibly slow downloads and uploads. The next time that you find yourself in a huge crowd, simply avoid using your smartphone. Remember that you will have to find a quiet area if you want to enjoy a stronger cell phone signal.

Avoid Blocking Your Cell Phone Antenna

Before smartphones became popular, a lot of mobile phones had external antennas, which helped the device gather and send signals to cell towers. However, ever since the rise of smartphones, antennas started to get tucked inside the phone. If you want to avoid blocking your cell phone antenna, you will need to learn how to hold your smartphone. Know that you will be effectively blocking your antenna if you hold your phone in a landscape position.

Remove the Case on Your Phone

One of the easiest ways to improve your cell phone signal is to remove the case on your phone. Sometimes, a case can prevent the signal from reaching the antenna of your phone.

Get Away from Obstructions

If the signals coming from the cell phone towers have to pass through many obstructions like window glass and walls, they will become weaker. If you want to enjoy a stronger cell phone signal, then you can try getting away from these obstructions. For example, you can simply move closer to an open window when you’re using your phone.


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