Tips For Getting Out Of Stock Items

By Jennifer Noble | Nov 14, 2017

There’s nothing worse than shopping and realizing one of the items you want is out of stock. However, there are plenty of ways to get the item that’s out of stock for yourself. Below, are a few tips for finding your item without waiting a long time for it to circulate back in stock.

1. Check a Local Store

Even though an item may say it’s out of stock online, it may actually be in stock at the store. Although this seems like an obvious tip, you’d be surprised how many people fail to check in their local store and only rely on the online store inventory. Plus, if you go down to the store and it’s still out of stock, a staff member might be able to order it from their warehouse for you.

2. Head Straight to the Source

If an item’s out of stock, sometimes it’s best to head straight for the source, such as the customer service team. Either e-mail them or hound them on social media to see when the item is back on stock or if they can order it from their warehouse for you. Brands tend to be more understanding online than in-store or over the phone, so this should be one of your first go-to methods.

3. Sign Up to Get it Faster

In most cases, the sold-out item that you want is on a waitlist that you can sign up for. All you have to do is give your e-mail or phone number to get a notification once it’s back in stock. Nevertheless, you should also sign up for the brand’s newsletter so you can get restock alerts as well.

4. Bookmark the Item

One of the simplest tricks in the book is to bookmark the item so you can continuously check on the item and see when it’s back in stock. Not only is this incredibly easy to do and you don’t have to talk to anyone about your out of stock annoyance, but naturally everyone does it.

5. Create an Alert

If you do not want to bookmark a website and check back every day, consider setting an alert. You can use software to monitor the website for you and alert you when and if there are any changes. This way, you can receive an email when the web page changes and your item is back in stock.

You can also set up a Google alert for the product. With this program, you will get an email every time a new page meets your chosen description. In this case, it would be the description of the product. Then, you can sift through the alerts to look for one that matches your chosen product.

6. Check Out Resale Websites

If you are really sold on a product and cannot find it in the regular store, consider checking resale websites. This includes eBay and many others. The quality of the products on these sites can vary so be sure you read the listing thoroughly before you make a purchase. However, if you do not mind purchasing a slightly used product, you can often find what you are looking for at a much lower price.

7. See Who Else Stocks the Brand

Oftentimes, brands will not only sell stock on their own websites but on others too. Check the brand’s website to see where else they sell their products. Then, see if the other retailers have the product you want to buy in stock.

8. Shop at Outlet Stores

If you are looking for an item that is not only out of stock but also out of season, check an outlet store. These shops sell past-season stock from different brands. For this, you can check stores like Marshalls and TJMaxx. Some stores also have their own outlets like the Nordstrom Rack or Nike Outlet. This is probably the last resort but who knows, you might get lucky.

It’s a major annoyance when an item is out of stock, but there are plenty of ways around this problem. Hopefully, with the help of our tips above, you can find your item or get notified when it’s back in stock as soon as possible. Good luck and happy shopping!

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