Tips for Establishing Credit

Open a Bank Account - Open a bank account and use it responsibly. This is the first step to establish a financial history.

Get a Co-Signer - A good way to establish credit is to piggy-back onto someone who already has a good credit history established and is willing to co-sign, but be aware than any default of credit on your part affects the credit of the co-signer.

Secured Credit Card - Apply for a credit card. Shop around & only apply for a card if you can meet the lender’s requirements. Responsible use will help build a good credit history.

Store & Gas Credit Cards - Since some gasoline credit cards are not revolving they are sometimes easier to obtain than regular credit cards. Similarly department stores offer revolving credit for a specific purchase and this is sometimes easier to obtain. It is also a great way to establish credit.

Moderation is key - do not open more credit than you can handle, and always use credit responsibly.

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