Thursday morning Full Moon at precisely 8:29 a.m. You will see it tonight as it rises.

Aug 14, 2019

The Full Moon is upon us. Last night it was gorgeous to see and tonight even brighter. The Moon is at 22 degrees of Aquarius opposite the Sun (and Venus) at 22 degrees of Leo. Love wants to be expressed whether it's personal love or humanitarian love for all humanity and your best to let it flow, naturally.

Sing, sway, dance allow the music to move you. Feel the joy within. That's what this Full Moon is all about. The Divine Father/Mother/God placed joy in all humanity and every life form. It's a fact and it's there to be acknowledged. Don't let the news get you down. Send out prayers and think lovingly of those in mourning. Don't forget them. They are our brothers and sisters, too! These are tough times. Love is the answer, it always is.

Jupiter is at 14 degrees of Sagittarius 30 degrees away (mathematically) from Saturn at 14 degrees of Capricorn. This creates a favorable aspect for the economy, it's not "fantastic" however it is favorable. This is a good time for organizing and planning for the future. Think thrift, think sensible thoughts about saving your money.

Putting food away for the winter is smart and is traditional here in Maine. Having plenty of toilet paper and good drinking water is also sensible. Just don't get into a worrying frame of mind. Do what you do and then relax and enjoy your life.

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