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Three run for Union Board of Selectman

By Christine Simmonds | Jun 03, 2021
From left, James Justice and Adam Fuller are running for Union Board of Selectmen.

Three people are running for two Board of Selectmen seats in Union.

Jim Justice and Kimberly Snow are both running for a three-year term on the board.

Justice has served on the board before and was Chair of the board for four years during that time.

He is an active member of the Union community and helps with many community projects. “Whenever I see things that need to be done, I volunteer,” Justice said.

Justice said he decided to run again because there are many issues happening in town. Justice said he has his own opinions about things like the Thompson Community Center, the food ordinance and paving the roads.

Snow was not available for comment.

Adam Fuller is running unopposed for reelection to his two-year position on the board.

This will be Fuller’s second term on the board.

Fuller said he is running for reelection because he wants to see through projects like broadband.

As a 10th-generation resident of Union, Fuller said he has a unique perspective about what makes Union great.

Fuller is also a father and a husband, which he said helps him give a voice to young families of Union.

The Union election will be held Tuesday, June 8, at the William Pullen Meeting Room. Polls will open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Absentee ballots are available at the town office.

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Comments (7)
Posted by: Gregory S Grotton | Jun 04, 2021 09:02

First I wasn't "bashing" Ms. Snow it was an opinion. I would think anyone interested in the welfare of the people would want to know more about what is going on in their town, as a matter of fact in  my last sentence I wished "ALL" candidates good luck. Secondly, I didn't blast you in a zoom meeting, I basically made a Mom used to say if the shoe fits wear it! Lastly, Jim joined that committee and clearly stated he didn't really know much about it, but he wanted to learn. He was coming into it with an open mind...which was UNLIKE several of the rest of the committee.

Posted by: Lee H. Marshall | Jun 04, 2021 08:51

I find it a bit frustrating that we can not separate our “thoughts” into paragraphs as intended.

Me again…

Posted by: Lee H. Marshall | Jun 04, 2021 08:49

I honestly refuse to get into this debate but do believe Ms. Dickerson to have very tough skin. She gets extremely frustrated with what the “norm” of today’s politics has become and has no problem airing her thoughts. I respect that.

Please do not read into that more than intended Mr. Groton. In no way am I “bashing” or disrespecting your opinion.

Personally, I enjoy reading our neighbors thoughts on local subjects. Your thoughts give me a more rounded look.

Lee D. Marshall

Posted by: Elizabeth Dickerson | Jun 03, 2021 21:28

Greg, I wouldn’t recognize you if I saw you on the nonexistent sidewalks of Union Maine :-) no, basically, I was just calling you out for bashing Kim Snow. Totally déclassé.

Posted by: Gregory S Grotton | Jun 03, 2021 17:21

Here we go again with Ms. Dickerson...didn't get her way last time so charming in on this subject to get at problem, gives me something to read! I really can't believe she is running for a seat in Augusta in 2022 having the "thin" skin she has...toughen up...get's real ruff up there.

Posted by: Elizabeth Dickerson | Jun 03, 2021 15:53

Jim Justice, who is running for select board, is a member of the Local Food Ordinance Committee. We had five meetings this year and Jim attended two. He didn't contact the chair or anyone else with any reason for not attending. His main contribution to the proceedings was to mention that he was a printer by trade and really didn't know anything about the subject at hand. I'm not really sure why there is this rampant negativity in this town. I have never met Greg Grotton, but have had the opportunity to be blasted by him in a Zoom meeting. Apparently, according to Greg Grotton, it is okay for some people to not attend their committee assignments with no excused reason, but the people who aren't in the old boy network get called out if they don't attend meetings as a member of the public.

Posted by: Gregory S Grotton | Jun 03, 2021 12:23

I'm really surprised that someone (Ms. Snow) would run for such an important position that can make major impacts to a town and it's citizens when they have never in my 12 years as a Selectman and 2 years on the Planning Board been to any meetings to understand, learn and participate in any discussions. I guess just jumping into the barrel gives one the ability to know what's best for all concerned...Unless, someone else convinced her to run for "their" cause, because they like to stir things up but not print their name or speak in public. With that said I wish "all" candidates good luck.

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