Three arrested in Thomaston drug raid

Nov 21, 2012
Source: Facebook

Thomaston — On Nov. 20 Maine Drug Enforcement agents charged a Thomaston man with selling the synthetic hallucinogenic drug, known as bath salts, from his home at 19 West Meadow Road.

Working with Thomaston and Maine State Police, agents from the MDEA raided the home of David Reckards, 42. They subsequently seized a quantity of bath salts with a street value of about $10,000. Also seized at the home were packaging materials, scales, needles and drug paraphernalia. Reckards was convicted of possessing bath salts in March 2012, according to a news release from Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland

Walter Brochu, 32, of Thomaston and Amanda French, 25, of Rockland were also arrested at the Thomaston home. Both were charged with violating probation from previous drug-related convictions, according to the release.

MDEA agents said Reckards was selling drugs from his house and police had received complaints of a large number of cars coming and going from the house day and night.

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Amanda French, 25, of Rockland. (Courtesy of: Knox County Jail )
Walter Brochu, 32, of Thomaston. (Courtesy of: Knox County Jail)
David Reckards, 42, of Thomaston. (Courtesy of: Knox County Jail)
Comments (5)
Posted by: DANIEL DATES | Nov 22, 2012 20:02

Any bets that 1 or all of these individuals are on some kind of public assistance, It's probably to late to keep them from  reproducing so now, we  have ignorance raising ignorance, and since there in jail now, they will be eligible for even more benefits!! WHAT A COUNTRY!!

Posted by: Wilber Eugene Roman Sr. | Nov 22, 2012 08:15

I can't help but think that if my children was sold or given substances like bath salts,heroin,or some other hardcore drugs that I'd be doing some prison time because I'd go after the jerk that supplied it to them.


Posted by: Russell Garfield York | Nov 21, 2012 17:41

going to be dumb you better be tough

Posted by: Ralph Jones | Nov 21, 2012 16:31

Your right Ron.


Posted by: Ronald E Dyer | Nov 21, 2012 14:29

Same old story, same old names. Obviously not getting wealthy at it, either that or they are dressing down.

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